Crystal Delights Makes Lube? Oh yes!

Oh and what lube they make! I use my fair share of lube for various reasons (I will leave the details of that up to your imagination) and when I was told Crystal Delights had a lube, I was keen on giving it a go. Continue reading

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Crystal Delights Blueberry Juicer

Crystal Delights Blueberry Juicer.

CDTBlueberryJuicerIt brought up some vivid thoughts for me and I suspect it may have for you reading that as well, but allow me to clear it all up: It is as awesome as it sounds, but there are less moving metal poky parts than you may think. Okay, okay, there are no moving poky metal parts nor does it have to be plugged into the wall to enjoy. In fact, plugging it into your or someone else’s bum is where the real enjoyment is. Continue reading

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Crystal Delights Crystal Minx Faux Fur Edition

CDTCM-FauxThat is right folks, you read that correctly! The Crystal Minx now is available in faux fur. I have written about the Crystal Minx tail plug in a few posts such as: Reviewing the Crystal Minx, Care and Cleaning of the Crystal Delights Crystal Minx, The Crystal Minx part 2-Show me some tail! and last, but not least, 2012 AVN Award Winner Crystal Delights Crystal Minx Tail.

So with all of that Crystal Delights Crystal Minx goodness previously mentioned, I am not going to rewrite everything, but I will cover the basics for ya all. Continue reading

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Crystal Delights Double Pop (please don’t stop)

Corny and terrible title? Absolutely.

Corny and terrible toy? Never.

Every time I get a package from Crystal Delights, it feels like my birthday. I look forward to the moment where I can rip into the box that I know holds something near and dear to my heart…butt toys! Every toy from Crystal Delights is a work of art and the Double Pop is another fine example of just that. Continue reading

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Freedom in Surrendering

I was thinking I needed more dominance in my life. I almost tweeted it but I figured I’d talk to him about it first before he found out online though I’m not sure he checks my feed anymore (its not trouble in paradise as much as NRE has passed onto standard stuff, life is busy, work is crazy and schedules have kept us apart lately).

He must have sensed something because last night was something I needed but sure didn’t expect. Continue reading

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The down and dirty truth

Captivating title however I don’t plan to get into serious “dirty” details.

People have been asking whats going on with me lately and I have kept it mostly to myself, but its time to spill the beans. The down and dirty truth is that my life is sucking in epic ways. I know many people are dealing with life sucking and I am no different. This is not an erotic truth, erotic story or anything else…I am just a regular person spilling my guts online like many others.

Many people know me as a happy, easy going kinda girl (which I usually am), but life has seemed to have turned on my easy going nature. Continue reading

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Dirty Daddy

I hear the ice in his glass clink in its empty vessel behind me. He calls me over and pats his lap. I sit on his lap. He brushes the stray strand of hair from in front of my face and says, “Such a pretty girl.” I smell the whiskey on his breath as he continues, “You know Daddy loves his little girl.” I nod saying nothing. Continue reading

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I crave

I’m craving him. Not just him, but the time we have together and what I want him to do to me during that time. Continue reading

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The way he eats my pussy leaves me feeling drunk and euphoric. I am writhing on my back as his face is buried in my pussy. His eyes catch mine and mine snap shut with the pleasure he is giving me. It is intense. I am overstimulated but only in the best ways.  Continue reading

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Reviewing the Joya Natural Silicone Dildo

I do so love when someone approaches me with a toy to review. Its even better when they chose me because they know I will try it out in every possible orifice…er, I mean way. This is how and why I was presented with the Joya Natural Silicone Dildo.

The Joya Natural silicone dildo caught my attention with the unique design. I won’t lie, the shape of it immediately made me think of a squid with one tentacle that will zero in on the clit. I am not bothered by this thought…I think the tentacle sex toy stuff is kinda hot. Anyhow, the Joya Natural Dildo is actually a great concept. It is a non-vibrating dildo that is designed to be inserted into the vagina (and I will cover how it is for anal so don’t worry) and the little finger that sticks out stimulates the clit. I did have to smirk because the instructions for the Joya Natural say to insert it and grind on your partner’s leg or pillows. Pillows? Can I really be reduced to being a pillow humper for pleasure and sex toy reviews? The answer is yes, yes I can. Continue reading

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