As I walk in the door he seizes my throat with his hand. He pulls me in by my throat, shuts the door and slams me up against it, pinning me. My eyes go wide as he squeezes harder. He doesn’t have to say a thing as his eyes say it all, “you are mine.”

He leans in and kisses me hard. Raping my mouth with his tongue. I can’t twist away from his roughness. I have to wait until he is done. He is making a statement with out needing to say another word. He pulls back and his eyes are full of love and a primal lust at the same time. I want to say “take me” but I don’t have to.

He moves his hand from my throat up to my hair and pulls roughly. I am pulled from the door, turned to face it and once again I am slammed up against the cold door. My cheek pressed into the unforgiving wood so hard but I don’t care. I need this as much as he does. I need to be reminded of who owns me.

He pushes his body against me and I feel his hard on straining in his jeans. He growls in my ear,” Who do you belong to?” I whimper,”You Daddy. ” I hear the smile in his voice,”Yes you do little girl. You have my tattoo to prove it.” I whimper as I feel the wetness between my legs begin to puddle in my panties.

His hands undo my jeans as his chest keeps me pinned. With a swift pull my jeans were around my ankles. I heard a familiar *flick* and shivered involuntarily. The cold steel pushed against my flesh as he dragged the blade across my butt and up to my panties. With minimal effort he cut them off and put them in his pocket along with the blade.

His fingers roughly penetrated me,”Such a dirty little slut. Already wet and ready for Daddy.” I melted as I heard his pants unzip. His cock was pushing at my wet opening. I moaned and tried to push back onto him but he just pulled back and tsked,”Daddy is in charge little girl.” He thrusted into me causing a half moan half scream to escape from my lips.

“Oh Daddy!!!” I moaned as he grabbed a my hair and used it to pull me back down onto him after he thrusted me upwards. My collar clinked against the door with each thrust.

He pulled me away from the door while I was still impaled on his cock and forced me over the edge of the bed. He began fucking me hard and fast as I cried out,”Daddy please, it hurts Daddy! Your cock…please…”

I felt his cock swell up as he approched orgasm. “Please Daddy, cum in your little slave girls pussy.”  With a grunt and groan he managed, “Aahh, fuck!” I felt his hot cum shoot deep inside me as his cock twitched.

“Thank you Daddy. ” I said while glowing. He slid out of me slowly, “Anytime baby. I am always happy to remind you of who you belong to.”

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