Daddy raped my ass

**DISCLAIMER: This story is not for those squicked by Daddy/girl role play and/or rape play. Read at your own risk!**

“Young lady, you will put that butt plug in and leave it in until I get home.”

I whined, “But Daddy…”

“No buts, young lady. Daddy is reminding you who you deal with when you are naughty. Plug up, now!”

With a resigned sigh I grabbed the larger-than-comfortable butt plug and lube, “ok, ok, I’ll put it in now.”

“Good girl. Film it for Daddy and send me the video.”

I blushed a deep crimson, “Yes Daddy.” I hung up and sighed. What did I get myself into?! I knew I had to get moving or Daddy would be angry. I hurriedly prepped my phone to record, lowered my pants and panties, lubed up the plug and hit the record button.

I quickly worked the plug in. It was small enough to fit with some effort but large enough to keep me very aware that my ass was hosting an invader. I pulled my pants and panties up with a blush.

Embarrassed and ashamed, I sent the video to Daddy. He knew me well and showed it as he told me to sit in the hard wooden chair. Leaving a loop hole like not telling me to sit would mean I would stand and not be as phased by the plug.

For 45 minutes I sat on the wooden chair. By the time Daddy was home I was squirming in arousal and pain.

“Can I take it out now?”

He smirked, “What, no hi Daddy?”

I flashed him an annoyed look, “Daddy,” I growled, “it hurts.”

“Discipline is supposed to hurt. I see that 45 minutes of being plugged did nothing for your bratty attitude, huh? Well, lucky for you Daddy knows how to take care of that.”

He grabbed my hair and threw me face first over the bed. My hands went out to brace myself and a gasp escaped my lips. Before I could utter a word, Daddy ripped my pants and panties down to my knees, he had his fly unzipped and he pulled the plug out from my ass.

I cried out in pain at the unexpected roughness. I felt his cock pressed at my newly stretched hole, “Daddy, please, no! It hurts so much. Noooo!”

My pleas fell on deaf ears. He pushed his cock into my ass roughly and began thrusting into me. Tears sprang to my eyes. My ass had no time to adjust, no extra lube and he was being so vicious.

Daddy scolded, “I told you to obey me. Daddy owns you. Every single inch of you.” he punctuated his words with hard thrusts into my abused ass.

“Please Daddy! This isn’t fun anymore. It hurts, stop!” I clenched the covers in my fists tightly, but it didn’t help.

I heard his mouth turn into a sneer as he continued, “Naughty girls don’t get lube while their Daddies fuck them in the ass and they certainly don’t get to tell Daddy to stop.”

The tears flowed freely down my face as I realized that Daddy wasn’t going to stop until he was done. I sobbed and begged, but it did no good. Daddy was raping my ass.

His moans turned to grunts and his pace quickened. Daddy grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. The fucker wanted to hear me cry. My sobs and whimpers set him off. He pumped and I felt his cock swell inside me. His orgasm ripped through his body and flooded mine. His fluid warmed my ravaged ass as he came deep inside me.

I felt him pull out of me unceremoniously, he zipped his fly back up and he cleared his throat, “Go clean yourself up and get back here.”

I lay face down on the bed crying. My tears soaked the covers beneath me. I stayed there until my sobs had subsided and was just the occasional body shaking breath before I made my way to the bathroom.

I gingerly cleaned myself up, wiping away the blood and Daddy’s cum.

I returned to stand in front of Daddy with a sniffle. “You know Daddy hates to have to do that to you, but sometimes you just need to be reminded that your holes belong to Daddy. Even if you fight or resist, Daddy *will* take what is his anyways. Do you understand me, little girl?”

I stared at the floor and nodded. He lifted my chin with his forefinger and thumb so I had to look him in the eyes, “What was that, little girl?”

“Yes Daddy,” I murmured with a blush. His eyes were sparkling and the cruelness was gone from his face. He pulled me in for a hug and kissed the top of my head.

“Thank you Daddy,” I whispered into his chest.

“Thank you for what?” I heard the smile in his voice return. I tried to hide deeper into him as I blushed hard, “Thank you for raping me. I really can’t believe we finally did that.”

“Did you like that, little girl? Did you like Daddy taking your ass with no regards for your wants?”

I snuggled into him more blushing so hard it hurt, “Yes Daddy. Can we do that again sometime after my ass is healed, please?”

He chuckled, “All in good time.”

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