Popping my anal hook cherry

I was in a mood. A mood to shove something up my butt and to have some rope on me. Woe is me to feel like that when I am alone, right? HA!

I pulled out a piece of jute from my wardrobe. I dragged it under my nose like those guys that sniff tasty cigars in the movies. I inhaled the scent and my brain immediately flashed happy and the color green. Sometimes I see green when I am tied but I don’t have synesthesia….that I am aware of.

With a smirk of a girl on a mission, I dug through the toy bag until I saw the shiny anal hook. I pulled it out of the bag and hefted it. It was heavier than I remembered and the ball at the end seemed a decent size but I really wanted it in me. I *needed* it in me.

Uncoiling the rope with ease, I attached it to the anal hook with a larks head. I paused to lubed the ball (lube?! I’m a pussy I know :P) and set to work. It was just that, work. The ball is spherical it wasn’t nearly as easy to get in as tapered plugs that I’m used to. The ball itself was large enough to cause pain but not so large that my determination would diminish. My ass stretched to accommodate the large metal ball. After a while my ass relaxed and gobbled the ball up. I felt that stuffed feeling that only someone having had something in their ass can relate to.

I took a deep breath and adjusted to my anal intruder. I began riffing a chest tie and every tug yanked the hook. It was a delicious feeling that no matter how I moved or tied myself, I still felt an anal hook stuffed in my ass. Mmm.

After I had the chest tie accomplished, I had to take pictures. It’s not every day I pop my own kink cherry of some new toy. Okay, okay, it’s also because I am an exhibitionistic pervert that likes to share the dirty things I do.

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