Daddy please…

Daddy please, give me rules. Give me punishment. Threaten to wash my mouth out with soap when I curse and give me a figging if I’ve been extra bad. Daddy please, don’t leave those threats empty.

Daddy please, pull me over your lap.

Daddy please, spank my skirt clad bottom.

Daddy please, raise my skirt and scold me until my blushes are painful.

Daddy please, pull my panties down slowly. I will protest, throw a tantrum, kick my legs, whine and cry, but please don’t listen to me, Daddy.

Daddy please, spank my bottom until I am squirming, pleading, promising the world if only you’ll stop and then spank me some more.

Daddy please, stand me up, unbuckle your belt, pull it from the loops and snap it loudly.

Daddy please, bend me over the bed and deliver stinging stripes to my bottom with your belt.

I’ll squirm, wiggle and protest but please Daddy, don’t stop until I surrender. Until I’m a truly contrite girl.

Daddy please, force me to suck your cock to show my gratitude. I’ll gag and tears will stream down my face, but please Daddy, don’t stop.

Daddy please, pull my hair, throw me down and violate my ass. I’ll sob, wiggle and whimper, but Daddy please, don’t stop until you orgasm inside my ass. Daddy please, pump all of your cum deep into my ass with every twitch.

Daddy please, make me thank you for disciplining me, for allowing me to suck your cock and for having your cum in my ass. Make me blush and squirm.

Daddy please…

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