My pretty Crystal Delights butt plug

Anyone who knows me, knows how anally oriented I am, so imagine my excitement when there was a package containing my new butt plug from Crystal Delights Erotic Toys waiting at my doorstep. Some of you are familiar with their twitter account @CrystalDToys. I know that is how I discovered the jeweled plugs that I would covet.

Back to the package! I couldn’t wait to get my greedy little paws on the goodness that awaited me inside the box. I quickly cut the box open and pulled the delicately wrapped toy from the box. I pulled the tissue paper off of and was greeted by a plush wrapped toy. I unrolled it and was immediately in awe of the work of art that would soon be going up my butt.

The plug is crafted beautifully and the red magma jewel was not a disappointment. I recalled reading that all of the plugs are hand blown in the US and was even more impressed with the craftsmanship.

I paused to snap a couple photos, but that was all I could manage as I *needed* this toy in my butt. Crystal Delights must have known how eager their customers are since the toy came with a little packet of lube.

I quickly went to business and worked it in. The plug slid in easily and was comfortable which is exactly what I wanted when I requested the regular (medium) size. The regular plug is 3.5” long, 3” insertable, 5″ at its widest point.  If you prefer smaller or larger they can accommodate you with small, medium and large plugs as well.

Once it was in I couldn’t wait to see it and of course snap photos to share with my fellow butt plug enthusiasts. Not only was it fun to wear, but it was fun to take pictures of. The red magma crystal glimmered beautifully in the light.

I had seen the pink plug with pink crystal and asked for more information about it since I knew purchasing it had something to do with a donation towards breast cancer awareness. Shellie was awesome enough to fill me in with an email and here is what she told me:

“The ‘Colors against Cancer’ campaign allowed us to carry our charity giving into our real life products.  Currently we have three cancer colors, pink, lavendar, and amber, we have two others in the works, blue and black.  We donate $10.00 for each piece of the colors against cancer line.  Currently if you buy the plug and dildo set we up the donation to $25.00.  We will also be doing speciality pieces, we have a custom wand in the works that will also have a charity donation, the wand profits will go to the Trevor project.”

So how cool is it that you can give a donation and get a well made sex toy at the same time?! I think that is a fabulous idea and I want to support the company and how it is being run. That little bit of donation/kindness will go a long way and they deserve a pat on the back and some promotion for doing right and of course, for making classy stuff that can go up your bum 😀

So thank you Crystal Delights Erotic Toys for making good toys, being good people and taking the time to answer questions.

If you want to check out the AVN nominated toys and support a good cause then go to

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