Wicked thoughts & wet knickers

“Come now, girls, let’s go.”

“But sir,” I said blushing, “we are still in our school uniforms.”

“Yes girls,” he chuckled, “it will keep you aware of your behavior.”

I blushed and followed them both out the door. We walked to the mall and window shopped.

“Oh, oh, oh, can we go into Victoria Secret? Please?” I asked.

He smirked, “Yes, we can.”

He grabbed both of our hands simultaneously as we walked into the store. I looked over at the cute little girl on his other side and realized that that simple act made us both feel very small and childlike. I could see in his eyes that he knew the exact effect it had on us as he smiled down at me. My blush was painful.

We went to the thongs and lacy panties. He quietly whispered in my ear, “I don’t believe those knickers are regulation.”

I blushed scarlet and quickly moved on until we found white cotton panties. He picked up a pair of panties and smiled,”Hmm, we should probably pick up another pair of these for you both.”

“But sir, we already have a couple pairs.” I stammered.

He leaned in and quietly said, “I have the feeling you two are having wicked thoughts and those panties are no longer clean. Tell me, girls, are they clean?”

I couldn’t stop blushing. He knew every single button to push to keep me deliciously frazzled.

“No sir,” I mumbled.

He growled into my ear, “You will be spanked and caned for those thoughts of yours.”

I blushed more and tried to hide my face into his body.

“Stand up straight like a proper young lady. Don’t make me raise your skirt and give you a smacked bottom right here.” I saw the sympathy in my fellow schoolgirls eyes.

He said it loud enough that a few girls heard and giggled. I was mortified and yet the wicked thoughts would just not vacate my brain.

I set the panties down and tugged at his arm, “can we go please?”

“Eager to get back and have your punishment? Very well, lets go.”

He grabbed our hands tighter and pulled us out of the store. We had to walk quick to keep up.

I looked at our reflection as we passed a large glass window. Both of us girls looked discreetly naughty in our matching British school uniforms. It was not an obvious uniform, but the thought that others may know was enough to keep me well aware of my attire.

Once back, he opened the door and beckoned both of us in. I felt like a lamb being led to the slaughter. The door shut loudly behind us and I cringed knowing what was coming next.

He turned to me, “Right, well I guess you’ve earned yourself a spanking.”

I protested, “But I don’t want a spanking sir.”

“Oh? Are your questioning my authority? You know you will just end up in tears if that is the case.”

I blushed, “No sir, please, have mercy.”

He grinned cruelly and sat himself in his straight backed, armless chair, “It will depend on the evidence of your naughty thoughts, young lady.”

I whimpered knowing that I was in for a long spanking but had a last minute stroke of genius, “But what about her panties?!”

She gasped, “Hey!”

He smirked, “Dont you worry about her. I will adderess her in a moment.” He tapped his lap and I quickly clambered over him so I could hurry it up. Unfortunately, he had other plans.

“Young lady, you have been disciplined for naughty thoughts in the past. Perhaps I should give you spankings daily to prevent those thoughts.”

I whimpered quietly.

He continued, “Tsk, such a naughty young lady. You are sure to be over my knee frequently.”

I was almost relieved when the first spank landed. That feeling was short lived as he quickly upped the power and tempo as he spanked harder.

He paused to scold me as he raised my skirt. Knowing my knickers were on display humiliated me to no end.

“Such a naughty girl,” he growled as he ran his fingers to the crotch of my panties. “Damp knickers here.”

I blushed furiously and stammered, “Sir, I…”

“No excuses, young lady. Your naughtiness is obvious. You need to be taught how to be a proper young lady. Lucky for you, I’m just the man to do that.”

I immediately wilted at his words, but I couldn’t let him know, “No, I just was toasty and sweating.”

He chuckled as he pushed the crotch of my panties aside and easily penetrated me with a finger. No lube was needed as I was wet as a slip ‘n slide. “No wicked thoughts, eh?”

I shut up and blushed so hard that tears welled in my eyes.

He pulled his hand away. “Precisely,” he stated with a swat to my seat. His hand connected to my bottom in a rapid and painful way.

“We will work on purging those thoughts from your mind.”

I whimpered and he stopped the spanking abruptly, “What are you whimpering about?”

I blushed more, “Sir, I don’t want to say.”

The silence was unbearable as he waited until I continued, “I was thinking of just how wet my panties are and you will see that soon. It is humiliating”

He chuckled, “Yes, the evidence of your thoughts will be obvious.”

Right then he slipped his finger into the waistband of my knickers. “Noooooo! Please sir, not on the bare.”

“You have earned it, young lady.” He pulled my panties down right beneath my bottom cheeks.

I blushed and whimpered, “Please…”

He began spanking me again paying special attention to my sit spots.

I was on the verge of tears in minutes, but I didn’t want to cave in. He stood me up, got up and told me to bend over. He flipped my skirt up over my back.

I heard the cane swish through the air before it tapped my bottom.

He laid into me with the first stroke causing me to hiss through my teeth. By the fourth stroke of the cane I was babbling in tears but still standing.

He delivered two more strokes before resuming his seat in the chair. He pulled me into his lap and after a brief adjustment, I cried quietly into his chest.

“Shhh, it’s okay. You took your punishment well, girl.”

I sniffled and calmed myself before I responded, “Thank you, Sir.”

“You are very welcome,” he said with a grin, “I suspect we will revisit this issue, but you have paid your dues for the day.”

I blushed and nuzzled his neck, “Yessir.”

He stood me up and pointed to the corner, “Nose in the corner.” I shuffled over to the corner with my knickers still lowered causing my rough skirt material to graze my sore bottom. I stood with my nose in the corner and soon felt the hem of my skirt being lifted and tucked into the waist of itself. I was humiliated at this little act of exposure. I buried my face deeper into the corner trying to disappear.

He left and turned his attention to the beautiful young lady still standing quietly off to the side. I couldn’t hear everything he was scolding her about since I didn’t dare turn my head.

Soon the sound of spanks and whimpers echoed off the walls. There was a brief pause and I knew what was coming next.

Her sweet voice pleaded for her panties to be left up just this once, but I could tell she didn’t even believe that he would allow that. I couldn’t help but grin while she whimpered beautifully as her bare bottom was now on display.

There was a deafening silence before he began raining hard swats on her upturned bottom. I could occasionally hear him scolding her with “naughty” and “you should know better” and “set a good example” as he spanked her.

There was another pause followed by some shuffling. I heard the cane tap her flesh and she squeaked.

He spoke loudly, “Count them, girl.”

“Yes Sir,” she said quietly.

Hearing the cane cut through the air and connect with her flesh made me realize how vicious canings are. My butt knows the viciousness, but my brain over powers that knowledge by knowing I must take my punishment. This was the first caning I had heard that wasn’t my own.

With each stroke that landed she counted loudly as not to earn more. My stripes stung even more after hearing her cries. She took eight strokes which was two more than I did. I immediately wondered how wet she had to be to earn those extra two. I heard him begin to console her quietly and she sniffled into his chest.

I was called from the corner and I made my way over to them.

“Both of you, adjust your uniforms and straighten up.”

I gingerly pulled my knickers up over my swollen bum, lowered my skirt and smoothed out my shirt. From the corner of my eye, I saw the beautiful girl do the same.

He stood before us both and I felt the beautiful girl reach out to grab my hand. He smirked, “Well girls, I hope you have learned your lesson.”

“Yes Sir,” we said in unison.

“I shall hope that is the case for both of your bottoms sakes.” He continued, “Now, go get in bed and I will come rub some lotion on your bottoms in a bit. You’d better not let me catch you two doing anything naughty.”

She flashed me a smile and we turned to walk away. She whispered, “He didn’t say we couldn’t do anything naughty, he said not to let him catch us.” We giggled as we entered the bedroom and closed the door behind us.

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