Hands strapped and caned

I can try to explain what it feels like to have my hands strapped and caned, but I am not sure I will be able to word it exactly as it felt. Words fail me when sensations come into play. My mind processes it but there aren’t words for some sensations in my experience. Part of that is I was already put in my place as a naughty girl that deserved it so my mind was already in a haze of adrenaline, endorphins and emotions. But I will try to sift through the sea of memories and nail down how it felt physically.

The strap would come down and land in my palm and cause immediate pain. The strap was like a blanket of pain for my entire palm. It reminded me of a sunburn. It is an intense radiating heat that goes deeper when it is touched, but as a masochist I couldn’t help but touch it. I was in awe at the amount of pain that this strap had managed to cause with just one hit. Now that I knew how much it hurt, I was in no rush to switch palms and present the next for the same torment. That said, I needed my already burning palm to get a breather before it was to be strapped again so I obediently swapped palms.

That whole “let me hit some other part so you forget about the first pain” thing? Yeah, that doesn’t work with ones hands being strapped. Then both palms hurt and nothing can distract from that. They continue to burn even in-between the times the strap will bite down into tender palms. Letting the pain sink in is far worse too. It gives ones brain and body time to process how much it really fucking hurts.

After having each hand strapped about 3 times, the cane tapped my hand. Sore palms already, now presented for more punishment. The cane was a different sensation entirely. The cane being thinner and rigid, doesn’t cover as much territory as the strap, nor does it form to ones palm like that evil strap. The cane delivers direct and precise stripes in white hot flashes. Its less of an all over the palm pain and much more localized. What makes the cane a bit worse is if you have someone that knows how to wield a cane, they can hit the SDS (same damn spot) and that is hellish. The cane also has a delayed pain effect for me. It connects and there is a moment of “huh, thats not so ba…OH FUCK THAT HURTS!” and I can vouch that neither implement allows the pain to ebb quickly.

Once its over, I found the best way to quell the pain is to shove my palms together and shove them between my thighs. That doesn’t mean the pain will go away (because it really wont for a while), but it made my hands feel just a bit better than rubbing them or trying to blow on them.

Even after all that, I find myself wanting it again. The pain is so unique and interesting to process that I like it. Its not a “normal” pain I am used to and I like shifting my comfort zone and experiencing more. I really like hating it.

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