Tenga Egg: it’s not just for men anymore

I managed to acquire a Tenga Egg from the lovely folks of Pure Pleasures in Santa Cruz. Lucky me, I got to be a strap-on demo for Madison Young’s Fetish and Fellatio class at Pure Pleasures. During class I was idly stroking my cock when the lovely Madison Young wasn’t demonstrating her amazing fellatio techniques on me. The casual stroking didn’t go unnoticed by the staff and before I knew it, I had a Tenga Egg on my cock. Of course I didn’t have time to fully appreciate it as my cock was soon needed for additional blow job fun. Egg play would have to wait.

I awoke excited to play with my new toy. I strapped on my cock and slipped the “male masturbator” over my cock and began stroking. This may seem pointless to some, but I derive great pleasure from playing with my cock. I began to get quite excited and decided to play with the Egg more, but in a different fashion. I removed the Egg from my cock, flipped it inside out and sheathed a few fingers in the Egg. The knobby protuberances felt surprisingly good. I alternated between rubbing my clit and fingering myself with the Egg over my fingers. I stroked my cock and continued playing with myself and before I knew it *BOOM* I had an orgasm. Some may expect this result, but this was exciting to me since I do not orgasm easily. I generally require quite a bit of time, patience and a vibrator before I can even get close, but this Tenga Egg had thrown me over the edge in a few short minutes. I pondered it being a fluke so to be *ahem* scientific, I began playing with the Egg on my girlie bits again. Holy shit! I orgasmed a second time! I think I found another favorite toy.

I read up on the Japanese made toy and was entertained to see only men used it and it was only made and marketed for men. Well, I am here to tell you that it’s not just for men anymore. I plan on using mine until it disintegrates. I highly recommend giving it a try.

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