Testing the wand of pleasure

I am a lucky mofo. I was picked to test out a new toy for Crystal Delights Erotic Toys. I was bouncy with glee when my post man delivered the box I had been waiting for. Poor guy almost got tackled and kissed when I saw what he had in his arms. I had to contain my excitement long enough to continue a friendly conversation, but I really just wanted to slam the door and rip the box apart and get to the juicy contents that I knew awaited me.

Once alone, I opened the box and pulled out the long toy. It was wrapped beautifully and I have come to expect that not only the toy is gorgeous, but the presentation is as well. I carefully unwrapped the toy eager to see what awaited me. I pulled the toy gently from the sleeve it was in and was greeted with a work of art. The dildo is ceramic, ribbed at the end and aimed at epic G-spot stimulation. I stopped to snap a few pictures, but I was eager to try this new toy out.

I am not the kind of girl that orgasms easily or from vaginal penetration alone, but I still wanted needed this gorgeous toy inside me as soon as possible. Such is the life of a toy tester 😀

I like that I can play with the temperature of the wand since the ceramic holds the temperatures well. I warmed it a bit and went to work. I was worried that it may not have been as wide as I wanted at first glance, but as soon as the curved and ribbed end hit my g-spot, those worries faded away. It did not take me long to reach a mind blowing orgasm in which I also squirted about 3 feet away. Um, wow! I am not a squirter often. Its happened maybe 5 times in my whole sexual life (10 years) and this was one of those times. I was taken by surprise and it was a welcome one at that.

You can choose color and gem and customize it as much as you want. I went for the new peacock gem and I was captivated by it. Toys don’t just have to be functional, they can be pretty as well. Soon this toy will be available to the masses and if you would like some good g-spot stim with a chance of squirting, I highly recommend it. If you like orgasms, I recommend it. Lets just say, save yourself some thought and pick one up and it will be worth it.

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