Puppy play!

My mom used to love to tell the story of how I lived the first five years as a cat. I would put a sock in the back of my pants, crawl around on all fours and only answer people with meows. That story used to embarrass me, but now I find it entertaining. I was a kink in training at a wee age it would seem.

I have always been in touch with my animalistic side, but it wasn’t until I read The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by A. N. Roquelaure that I realized that there was such thing as pony play. I had to know more! I found out there was puppy play, kitty play, fox hunts where human ponies and human puppies would “hunt” a human fox!!! A whole world had opened up before my eyes and I couldn’t wait to explore it. There was a downside…I was in a vanilla and monogamous relationship.

I kept my desire to myself for about five years and though a different partner transition. This new partner was vanilla too, but I decided I had to be me and that meant being a kink. I sat down with my partner nervous to spill one of my kinky desires, but I had to. I told him I wanted to explore puppy play. He laughed. It broke my heart. I knew then that it wouldn’t work out. I exposed something I had felt excited about exploring and when I looked to him for acceptance, he just laughed at me. Years later we talked about that moment and he apologized, but that trust of sharing my true self with a partner felt ruined.

After some searching and chatting online I found someone who was totally into the idea of puppy play. My tail/butt was wagging excitedly at the thought of it. I bought my first tail and couldn’t wait to have fun with this new kink. I had no idea just how much I would *love* this puppy side of me.

What I love about puppy play is that it doesn’t require much. I am happy with the simplicity of it. I can lay on the floor chewing my little tennis ball and I am in heaven. Nothing else in the world matters when I am a puppy. All that matters is that moment. I could be cuddling my handler, playing fetch or even playing with with other puppies, its all different and wonderful. I started to branch out into the “animal” side of the scene and found many other fun puppies to play with. This whole sub-culture of kink was now available to me and I was so excited.

I got deeper into puppy play with more tails, a puppy hood and other pet items. I was able to have some sexy scenes in private and out in the kink scene. I was becoming known as one of the girl puppies. There aren’t many female pups in the scene. It is very known as a gay male kink, but us girlies gotta represent our pup side too! I decided to “pup out” on The Upper Floor during one of the shoots and it was a hit. The Upper Floor of kink.com asked me to direct and create the first ever pet play event and I did (you can see it here). People saw my video and soon I was asked to present a class on pet play. It was great getting to bring people into the kink world not with a laugh in their face, but with open arms and information.

And for as awesome as all the publicity has been, thats not why I am a such a proud puppy. I am a puppy because it is part of who I am. I am silly, happy, bouncy, humpy and playful. I am a puppy because I am at peace when I am enjoying the simplicity of my puppy side. Im not just a puppy either. I have my wild feline side, wolf, fox and there is even some dino play in me. Few people have seen my T-Rex side but I am usually giggling between my “rawr” as I stomp around leaving a wake of “destruction” behind me. Anyways, that is a different story for another time. All I wanted to explain is yet another love and appreciation for a kink that not everyone understands.

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