100 Facts about me

So I figured I could give a peek into more than just my porn and kink side. This is a mixed list of kink and vanilla facts about me. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions 🙂 I hope you all enjoy.

1. I was not a planned birth.

2. Growing up, we were very financially strained.

3. I lived in a trailer for a few years.

4. I didn’t masturbate until a boyfriend bought me a vibrator at 16.

5. My first orgasm was at 15.

6. I was such a tomboy in high school that everyone thought I was a lesbian.

7. The guy I lost my virginity to eventually would get married and murder his wife.

8. I eloped at 18 and was divorced by 22.

9. I love having a Daddy but I have no father issues and no desire for anything sexual with my bio dad.

10. I spent a few years retired with a partner on his boat in Mexico.

11. My last partner was a millionaire. He joked he’d put me in his will and I begged him not to since I saw all the golddiggers that came to him. I didn’t want it. I had a job the whole time we were a couple so I could pay my own bills.

12. The first time I orgasmed from sex it was during anal sex thus realizing my love for butt stuff.

13. I didn’t ever allow my (now ex) husband to cum in my pussy since I was terrified of getting pregnant.

14. I didn’t fluid bond with anyone until I met my last partner and the big reason we fluid bonded was love (duh) and he had a vasectomy. Love those vasectomies.

15. I had an orgasm the first time I fluid bonded with the above mentioned guy. First orgasm during vaginal intercourse and I was 21.

16. The age gaps in guys I date have varied from 17-30 years my senior.

17. I used to play the drums and the keyboard.

18. I tried playing the banjo for a while as I love the music a banjo can produce.

19. I love bagpipes!!!

20. Hearing Amazing Grace makes me tear up since it was played at my Great Grandmas, Grandmas and Moms funeral.

21. I was lucky enough to inherit the recessive trait of having no wisdom teeth.

22. My ex husband stopped having sex with me for 6 months. That drove my self-esteem to an all time low. We split up shortly after.

23. I hate having cum on my face and I wont tolerate it from anyone.

24. I cant orgasm in front of people or on camera. I hope this can change, but for now thats how it is.

25. Anytime I get a headache I worry I am going to die since my mom died of a brain aneurism.

26. I am severely STD phobic. I get full panel tested every 3 months even if I haven’t had sex outside my relationship so I stay in the habit of staying safe.

27. I am needle phobic but have done needle play. I did not enjoy it but I can tolerate it.

28. I bought my first car at 18 with my own money in full and I still have that car.

29. I am an avid cetacean nerd, book reader, spotter and identifier.

30. I am a bird watcher.

31. I love animals and have always had a pet from lizards and birds to cats and now a dog.

32. I had a horse and was going to do barrel racing in the rodeo as a teen.

33. I have only been completely submissive to one person and considered two.

34. I scored so high on test scores that I was given special recognition from the white house.

35. My 3 point average in basketball is higher than the pros.

36. I have met and partied with Dennis Rodman.

37. I could bench press about 85% of my body weight in high school.

38. I got my first tattoo at 17 using my older sisters ID.

39. I have a sister that is 2.5 years older than me but people think we are twins.

40. I love older men and gray hair.

41. I have heightened senses of smell and hearing.

42. I fucking love English accents. Australian are my second favorite accents.

43. I’ve done C++ programing and fixed a program that the developer couldn’t find.

44. My body was scanned in a 3D scanner and my image is now in Tokyo.

45. I love defined muscles on my men arms and calfs specifically.

46. I like some meat on my men. I don’t want to feel like I’m gonna snap him in half.

47. Women intimidate the hell out of me when I’m interested in them.

48. I am very picky about who I sleep with.

49. I love fucking guys in the ass.

50. I have tmj.

51. I have a hard time allowing myself to be vulnerable in front of people.

52. I was featured in sailing magazines for about a year.

53. I am a size queen when it comes to cock in my pussy.

54. I excel at any sport I compete in. I love sports.

55. I broke my nose playing field hockey.

56. I am incredibly shy at times.

57. I love to help people.

58. I am quite the artist and had plans to be a tattoo artist.

59. I have dealt with low self esteem and body issues since I was a teenager. I still struggle to take complements and not pick them apart or not acknowledge it.

60. I love to read.

61. I have a hard time allowing anyone to spoil me. I am a minimalist about clothes and luxuries due to my life early on.

62. I usually up and move and change my life completely every 3 years.

63. I was in a 24/7 D/s relationship as a sub/slave. It only lasted 3-4 months before I couldn’t handle it anymore.

64. I love to wrestle and rough house. I also get extremely turned on when a guy pins me.

65. I don’t usually have female friends since I intimidate them and I am very tomboyish.

66. I belch like no ones business.

67. I love getting tattooed.

68. Champagne is my drink of choice.

69. I’m Irish and Italian

70. Spankings are one of my favorite things in the world. I find I enjoy ones that hurt far more than erotic spankings.

71. I have some bizarre fantasies.

72. I didn’t do a bj start to finish until I met my Daddy. His was the first and only cum I’ve ever had in my mouth (yes, I swallowed).

73. I identify as heteroflexible. I will choose men 9 times out of 10. It takes a special woman to sway me.

74. Ive been the go to girl for peoples threesomes but I’ve never had MFM.

75. Getting fucked with a strap on doesn’t do anything special for me. I prefer bio cock.

76. I love body boarding. My Dad and sister and I try to meet up in Newport beach to go surf and hang once a year.

77. I speak Spanish. I understand more than I speak it, but I speak it best when I’m buzzed or drunk.

78. I can palm a basketball.

79. I have freakishly long toes for my size. I use them to tie people and pick stuff up.

80. Seeing the Secretary in the theater was the reason I outed myself as a kinkster to my partner and refused to hide it ever again.

81. Anytime someone says I inspired them anyhow, it brings a joy to my heart like nothing else.

82. My ex bf still sends me texts of “WBGF” which is Worlds Best Girlfriend.

83. I took an all paid vacation to St. Barts and it could have rivaled Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas with the amount of drugs and booze involved.

84. I don’t like losing control so I rarely do drugs of any sort especially after the vacation previously mentioned.

85. I love fishing for game fish. There is also something sexy about being the provider and relying on the ocean to feed people. I loved it.

86. One of the coolest sights I’ve seen was an 18′ across manta ray.

87. I have a job and a place to stay if I move to Mexico.

88. I have slight OCD.

89. I was a Christian missionary.

90. I’ve had an online Daddy for 8 years and I haven’t met him yet.

91. I am an enema fetishist.

92. I have vitiligo (complete lack of pigment) on part of my pussy and around my asshole which is why you will rarely, if ever, see pictures or porn of me showing my pussy. It makes me extremely self conscious.

93. I’m 5’2″

94. I was recruited at a bondage club by Lochai for Hogtied.

95. I hate most veggies.

96. I don’t bottom to women (unless I get paid).

97. I’ve been hit with a baseball bat…in a non kink way.

98. I didn’t even wear make up or high heels until I was 24.

99. I love taking photos of wildlife.

100. I rarely get play or sex from people even though the assumption is I get both all the time.

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