Maui Kink’s coconut rope

I have had the luck to tie others with Maui Kink’s exotic ropes before, but this is the first time I have really been able to be tied with some of their non-traditional ropes. I say non-traditional in the sense that it isn’t hemp, jute, cotton or other commonly used types of rope. Though it may not be traditional, I think it is a wonderful addition to any rope lovers collection. What I really loved about it is that it appealed to many of my senses.

The initial glance at it is appealing. The coconut fibers aren’t perfectly lain in with the tightly made rope. There are fibers that look like feelers reaching out in every direction begging to be touched and explored. The rich brown color makes a beautiful sight after seeing so much natural colored jute. It looks thin, exotic and exciting.


The coconut rope feels abrasive, but not uncomfortable, particularly if it is left in place. The initial tying itself causes the rope to brush up against the skin and it is such a different sensation from the jute and hemp that I am used to, that it made my skin hyperaware everywhere the coconut rope touched me. When the rope was left slightly loose to give me wiggle room, the little fibers itched and kept me well aware of its presence which is a delicious torture. When the rope was cinched tightly against my body, it was a different experience. Its thinner than most rope I have so it digs into the skin a little more, but keeping it in place snug against me made me focus more on the bondage and less on the ropes texture itself. Everywhere the coconut rope was pulled tight against my skin left a wonderful pinkness as evidence it had been there.

The sound of the rope is something that I enjoy. This may not be a big deal to most people, but sounds is one of my biggest turn ons. The coconut rope has a crackling like sound when it rubs against itself and a softer scraping sound when sliding along flesh. It is not loud, but when focusing on being tied I can hear it. I can hear the coconut rope being uncoiled, coming in contact with my flesh, being tied into knots and being pulled through itself. These are very erotic sounds for me and the coconut rope has burned its specific sounds into my brain in the most delightful way.

The coconut rope can be used in sadistic ways or erotic ways, it all depends on the tie, placement and who one is playing with. Tight crotch ropes with the abrasive coconut rope can be awful and delightful at the same time. Even with no ties, the rope can rubbed against the skin or nipples causing the skin to feel alive, itchy, tickled or brushed hard to pack some sting. The uses and possibilities of this Maui Kink coconut rope is endless. I encourage people to branch out from the ordinary and explore and this coconut rope didn’t leave me disappointed in my explorations.

If you are interested in checking out all of the great QUALITY items Maui Kink has to offer, check out their site and you can follow them on twitter for sales, promos and fun chat @MauiKink. They have paddles, floggers, whips, canes, ropes and many other toys made from standard and beautiful exotic materials. I can be a toy and product snob since I don’t want to settle for crappy made toys and with that said, I really love the Maui Kink products so be sure to go have a look at everything they have to offer.


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