Enjoying Maui Kink’s alpaca rope

I got a coil of Maui Kink’s alpaca rope to try out and I must say I love it! It is a fairly small bit of rope I was given so the ties I could do with the piece I was given were minimal, but after having played around with it, I can see ordering much more. Truth be told, I liked it so much that I had to pleasure myself during my solo rope session. It is *that* good.


The alpaca rope is cream in color and is fairly loosely made. The texture is definitely different than any other rope I have played with. Like the coconut rope, it has little hairs that stick out from the strands themselves but the difference is that they tickle instead of itch. Knots are also a lot more snug than that of most jute or hemp ropes. The knots actually tend to tighten with more movement which I am a fan of (as long as its not for suspensions :)).

The alpaca rope has a very sensual feel. Its like a lovers soft caress that can then become like a tightly bound hug. The alpaca rope is very comfortable for longer term wear than other ropes that are more abrasive, but that isn’t to say it cant be uncomfortable. Since it does actually tighten on itself and has very little give, it is a great rope for predicament bondage. The alpaca rope also makes for a nice rope bit gag since it doesn’t really cut into skin with the same feeling as most ropes even with a good amount of pressure.

Another interesting little thing that kind of threw me for a little loop is that the alpaca rope is quiet. I know what coconut, hemp, jute and other types of rope sound like when they are being uncoiled, tied and used but the alpaca is fairly silent. Alpaca rope is like the ninja of ropes as it sneaks up on you and then BAM you are tied up. Sneaky rope is fun rope.

If you are looking for more sexy rope time with some sensual feeling rope, then alpaca may be what you have been waiting for. I know it took me by surprise and I am glad that it did. It really made some rope time rewarding in getting to experience new textures and it is far more exotic then the standard ropes.


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