He grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and threw me in a cage in the back of his truck.

“Another stray,” he tsked.

I whimpered at his cruel tone. He smirked as he shut the cage door behind me.

The cool breeze picked up and swirled around my body as he drove. I shifted around in my cage. I didn’t know how long the drive would last or where we were going. Goosebumps made my skin hypersensitive. I whimpered quietly to myself.

We came to a stop and I listened. His door opened and closed. His boots crushed the gravel loudly. He appeared quickly and this time he had a pole with a loop at the end. The cage door opened and he delicately put the loop over my head and around my neck before pulling it tight. I tensed and resisted him pulling me from the cage. My knees thumping loudly as I hit the bed of the truck, ripped from the sanctuary of my cage.

“No point in resisting puppy, you will go where I command.”

I fought harder not wanting to obey. He dragged me out of the truck and I crashed to the hard ground with a yelp. He grinned. I snarled.

He began walking and I dug myself into the ground but his tugging bloodied my knees so I began to follow him at a distance. He walked us into a wood floored warehouse that held nothing but a couple dog bowls on the ground, a space heater, a cage and a mattress on the floor.

He opened the door to the cage and forced me in. He loosened the rope around my neck, pulled the pole out and slammed the door. I huddled in the back, as far away from him as I could be and I growled.

He squatted down to my level and cooed at me sweetly,”Aw, is the puppy afraid? Do you want some food puppy?”

I didn’t respond. He stood up, both knees popping and walked to the bowls. He poured something from a bag into one bowl, picked up the other bowl and walked out the door. When he returned it was filled with water. I shivered in the corner of my cage.

He put his hand to the cage door and called me over. I moved towards his hand and sniffed him. He smelled like cologne, cigars and sadist. I barred my teeth and shifted to the back of the cage.

“Suit yourself pup, you will have to eat and go potty at some point.” He moved to the bed and stretched out with a sigh. I waited for his breathing to change to that of sleep before I settled in for a nap.

I awoke startled by my surroundings before I’d remembered I had been captured. My captor was nowhere to be seen. My stomach growled. I eyed the bowl but it was far from my reach. My knees ached from the pebbles that had stuck in them during my resistance.

He reappeared,”You have a good nap, puppy? Are you ready for food?” I whimpered. He squatted down to my level again and I walked over to him with my head bowed. “That’s better.”

He opened the cage. I carefully and cautiously made my way to the bowls and began chomping down on the crunchy food. I felt his hand near my neck and heard a click as he snapped a collar on me. I couldn’t be bothered, I was hungry. A chain leash was clipped onto my collar. I moved to the water once the food was gone and lapped it up thirstily.

He waited patiently for me to finish. I felt his eyes on me. I looked up at him. He asked,”Do you need to go potty?” I whined. He pulled the leash to a corner where he had laid a puppy potty pad down while I had slept. I made my way to the pad and looked to him.

He seemed to know what I was thinking as he said,”Yes, I’m going to watch. I have to make sure you go on the pad.” I sniffed, spun around and settled in before letting my full bladder go. When I was done he praised me for staying on the potty pad. My tail betrayed me with a wag. He was getting to me.

He smiled a genuine smile and led me back to the mattress.

“Good puppygirls get a reward. Would you like a reward?” I panted happily wanting a reward.

He unzipped his pants and freed his hard cock. I pulled against the leash. He grinned, “Too late puppy, you started it and now you have to finish it.”

He pulled the leash tighter and began reeling it in. I whimpered and a drop of pre cum glistened at the tip of his cock.

“Time to breed you, puppy.”

I fought. He stopped to tie my leash to an eyelet in the floor that I hadn’t seen. He got on his knees behind me and rubbed his cockhead at my opening. I tried to move but his hands held my hips tight. He flipped my tail up and began to enter me. My pussy was wet, I was humiliated that this had me excited. I whimpered and cried out but his cock only twitched and pushed deeper inside me.

He filled me slowly, his cock stretching me to accommodate him. I felt my body responding to him against my will. He began thrusting and he reached around to rub my sensitive clit. He alternated slapping my clit and rubbing it as he fucked me harder. I held back my pleasure. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of him getting me off.

He fucked harder, nailing my g-spot in sync with slapping my clit. I felt my pussy begin to spasm as his cock grew with his orgasm. He ripped an orgasm from my body as he shot his seed deep inside me. I whimpered at the force of the orgasm that was stolen from me.

He pulled out of my twitching wet cunt and freed my leash, turning me to face him.

“Thank me by cleaning my cock.”

I resisted. I didn’t want to thank him. In a flash his hand came crashing down on my ass cheeks hard. The searing pain jolted me forward and I began licking him clean as I whimpered.

He tugged my neck away when his cock and balls were clean. He tucked his cock away and tucked in his uniformed  “Human Animal Control” shirt. He patted me on the head,”good puppy.” My tail wagged at his praising words.

Maybe being captured wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.

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