Maui Kink’s Bamboo paddle

Woe is me when I have to test and review such things as bamboo paddles ::gasp:: But seriously, anyone who knows me, knows how much of a spanko I am, so you all know I was chomping at the bit to give this Maui Kink crafted 14″ bamboo paddle a go.

The lacquered or varnished paddle is really a beautiful site to see. It is shiny and is rich brown in color. The face of the paddle is flat while the back is rounded. The paddle really is a handcrafted work of art that my eyes devoured hungrily. I wanted to test this toy so very badly, but I did have to stop and admire its beauty first.

Aaaaand done admiring, lets get paddling!

The 14″ bamboo paddle packs a nice thud even with it’s flat face side over my pants. Flipping it over and using the curved side for a few swats sent much deeper vibrations and was a nice change in sensation. After about 10-15 minutes of medium to light swatting, I dropped my pants and saw I had a very nice pink hue painting my cheeks.

Of course I had to be paddled over my panties next, but strictly for science I say! The paddle packed a lot more sting when hitting the exposed skin peeking out from my panties even though the tempo nor force had changed. My skin began to redden at a much faster pace and by then it was time to move on to the final step of the product testing.


The next and final step was to be paddled completely on the bare ::le sigh:: The lengths I go through to thoroughly test a product should be applauded 😉 The paddle crashed down harder than ever on my quickly reddening globes. My respect for the deceptively innocent looking paddle continued to go up with each new stripe that painted my bottoms cheeks.

Once the paddling was done and my brain returned some of its functions, I had decided, yes, this is a paddle I will be taking with me on a normal basis to events and parties. Some of the best things about this paddle is it’s length making it a) easily transportable and b) it is able to be used while over a knee or lap or in a small play space. Also since it’s bamboo it keeps in with that whole “traditional” aspect of things in the corporal punishment world. It’s not like a standard school paddle at all, but don’t underestimate this paddle. It may be a small paddle, but it is definitely not all bark, this paddle packs a bite that is sure to be remembered. The 14″ bamboo paddle is far more sting than thud, but that also tends to mean less bruising and max pain. Flipping it over and using the rounded side does deliver a deeper thud and kind of makes it like two paddles in one.

This spanko will get behind this paddle as a good product to purchase. It really is worth every penny and I would suggest investing in it if there is a bratty bottom in your life. After a couple “discussions” between their butt and this paddle they may even learn to bite their tongue, but lets hope not 😉


Here is a quick audio snippet of the bamboo paddle on my bare bum :) MK paddle-1


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