Maui Kink’s yak rope

The yak rope is black and evil looking. Okay, maybe not evil looking, but just call that some foreshadowing. The yak rope is similar to the coconut rope in a few ways, yet it is completely different. Like the alpaca and coconut ropes, the yak rope has little fibers that stick out from the large strands, but they feel nothing like either of the other ropes. It’s not as soft as the alpaca and not as rough as the coconut rope.

I decided to incorporate the yak rope into a body tie and it proved to be interesting. The yak rope itched against my skin while the jute slid silently. Yak rope is abrasive like coconut rope, but the difference is the coconut rope is scratchy and the yak rope is itchy. They are not one and the same. The yak rope made my skin itch in an uncomfortable way. Its not like an allergy itch, its more like that old sweatshirt that grandma bought you that your parents made you wear when she came to visit.

Once I removed the ropes, there were clear red irritation marks wherever the yak rope touched my skin. It is kind of hard to see in the photo since it was so bright and the picture was taken with my iPhone, but you get the idea. This wasn’t the most enjoyable rope to have on my flesh, but it is one I will enjoy using to torture others with.

The yak rope holds knots more snugly than the coconut rope and less so than the alpaca rope. It’s that happy medium that makes ties easy and untying them just as easy which I appreciate after my self ties.

The yak is definitely the “baby bear” of the three different ropes I have reviewed. Its not too coarse and not too soft. It doesnt cut into skin like coconut nor does it hug like the alpaca. I wouldn’t say it’s the one I’d choose to get tied with, but it’s the first one I’d pick to tie someone else if I am feeling sadistic or just cruel.


So if you are looking for some soft and fuzzy rope this isn’t it, but if you are a rope top looking to challenge and keep your rope bottom uncomfortable, then the yak rope is your rope. Though this isn’t my favorite rope to be tied in, I really am glad to have experienced it and know what it will do to others when their time in my hands will come. ::insert evil laughter here::

Be sure to check out the Maui Kink website for lots of good quality products!

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