St. Leather floggers=yum

Once again, twitter has allowed me to meet some amazing people out there. I have had the opportunity to chat up @Saintleather over some time and I was lucky enough to find myself on the receiving end of a package from Saintleather herself. I opened the box in a hurry to see two gorgeous, hand made, purple and black cow leather floggers staring back at me. Yes, yes, you that know me know that purple isn’t my favorite color, but I was ready to get a matching purple catsuit to accompany these beautiful works of art. Besides, the purple falls add a nice flash of color when they are mid-swing and who doesn’t like pretty *and* functional toys?!

I had to admire all the intricate work that the handle held, let alone all the man…er, *woman* hours that went into crafting such a nice pair of floggers. The falls are soft and sensual when dragged lightly over the skin, but have some bite when it comes crashing down with force. It has a nice versatility of sting when just nicking flesh with the tips and some thud when connecting with a few inches of the falls. The thin quarter cut falls allow it to fan out perfectly when teasing someone’s pale white or freshly beaten glowing red skin. There have been quite a few times that I have dragged these floggers over my nude flesh just to give myself goosebumps…it works every time.

Aside from beating various inanimate objects in my home, I did have the chance to use them on my boy.  I heard lovely grunts, groans and sharp intakes of breath, but I heard no complaints from him so I will take that as yet another sign of a happy customer 🙂 I am also the kind of person that loves to flip the flogger and beat with the handles and these handles make for some nice/evil thuddy impact play.

All that said, that isn’t even the best thing about Saintleather toys! Saintleather toys can be customized in so many ways. I have seen photos of duster floggers, vampire tipped floggers for those who love a bloody beating, various color schemes, paddles, canes, spreader bars and more! These toys are really made by a masochistic player for other players out there which is always fabulous. If you want to know more or see other options, check out or chat her up on twitter as @Saintleather.

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