Mini twist=butt plug heaven

I opened the box. That smell…it’s so intoxicating. The scent that accompanies any @CrystalDToys toy is forever in my mind. I knew what was coming but I had no idea what exactly this new mini twist toy would be like. Of course, at first look it is stunning like every toy I’ve ever seen from Crystal Delights. The glass work with twists is marvelous. The green crystal that adorned the end of this plug damn near took my breath away. The pictures don’t do it justice.

I know many people who are afraid of anal toys for various reasons. One of the most common reasons I hear that people are wary of butt toys is pain. I completely understand even though I am a bit of a butt stuff masochist. I get off on pain inflicted on and/or in my butt and with that said, this was a purely painless plug and I still got off.

The mini twist performs like a champ and just like it is advertised. The plug gently twists into place painlessly. I see that it could look intimidating to the non anally experienced person, but really, it twists in like a dream. Some butt plugs have that “ow” moment when the biggest part is being gobbled up into ones bum, but the mini twist gave off no such feeling. Twisting it in at a comfortable rate allowed me to adjust to the plug with out experiencing any discomfort. The mini twist simultaneously gave me the full plugged feeling and yet the entry was so smooth that there was no feeling of an unwanted anal invasion. It is magical.

The flip side of this plug is that it can be shoved in ever so brutally without twisting and it’s like a constant assault to ones bum senses with the continuous adjusting to size without gradual tapering. If that is your kind of thing, then you may like it just as much as beginner anal people would like this toy, but for entirely different reasons.

I *always* recommend @CrystalDtoys plugs to anyone interested in quality, sexy butt plugs, but this mini twist may have just rocketed to the top of my recommendation list. I would recommend this mini twist to a butt plug beginner, butt plug enthusiast, butt plug masochists and butt plug sadists. If you have a bum and want to try a plug or add a new one to your collection, I highly recommend the mini twist. It took me by surprise in the best possible way and maybe you will find yourself with a similar story.

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