Maui Kink’s Twisted Bitch

I generally am not a fan of being flogged since the impact doesn’t have enough sting to meet my masochistic needs. I am proud to say I have met my match in the flogger category and my worthy opponents name is the Twisted Bitch.

I got the Twisted Bitch from Maui Kink and was able to give it a go this weekend. The Twisted Bitch is made of 9 Latigo leather tails, swivel handle, finger holds and measures 30″. It looks beautiful with it’s twists but it also looks rather unassuming with so few falls. Do not let that fool you, this flogger isn’t for people who don’t do well with pain. Even as a seasoned masochist with rhino butt, I had my breath catch in my throat a few times.

The stiff, twisted falls deliver a very stingy sensation with minimal effort. Each time the falls connected with my bum it was sure to light a new set of fires. I was colored in stripes, raised marks and soon my whole bottom was toasty. This toy is prone to wrap until you get the aim down so be careful about throwing hard hits. I believe this toy is capable of doing severe damage (in a good way) with only a little bit of effort. Soft hits still pack a pretty good wallop so a solid warm up will help make this toy easier to handle for longer amounts of time.

We found that if we doubled the floggers falls up to the finger holds, the flogger took on a whole new sensation. Folding it in half made the impact much more thuddy. When folded in half, the impact acts as a nice introduction to the toy without making one run for the hills screaming in pain for those that aren’t too keen on stingy pain right off the bat.


The Twisted Bitch isn’t for people who like sweet, fluffy not-quite-painful sensations. However, the Twisted Bitch does make an excellent addition for any masochist or sadists toy collection. I personally like this flogger enough that I would put this implement in my top 10 favorite BDSM toys. The Twisted Bitch will not disappoint those who are looking for a bit of a vicious flogger with a lot of kick. Check out the Twisted Bitch and many other quality BDSM toys and rope at You can also find Maui Kink on twitter at @MauiKink.

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