Jute! Maui Kink is doing it right.

There is something wonderful about getting a package in the mail and knowing that there is no doubt that the contents will be fabulous. That is always the case with packages from Maui Kink. I couldn’t wait to get to the toys and rope inside so I could get to playing and reviewing each of the items and the jute rope was high on my list of “mmmm, must play with it!”

For most rope lovers, jute and/or hemp are a staple in their rope bags. Jute has been used for bondage for quite a while, but it seems to me that it is has begun gaining popularity amongst riggers and rope lovers around the globe. I’ve even heard it being called “riggers rope” these days.

Jute has a lovely natural smell. I am very wired in to my sense of smell so the first thing I tend to do with a coil of jute is to take a big sniff of it. This Maui Kink jute is the first colored jute rope I have ever played with and I wasn’t sure if the dying process would change or eliminate the natural scent. I am happy to say that after taking a big whiff, the colored jute smells like good ole jute maybe just slightly muted. There is no chemical or dye smell and this makes for a happy Minx.

The turquoise jute rope is a stunning sight. It’s so…turquoise!!! It’s such an exciting color compared to my many coils of natural jute. I was also glad to find that it doesn’t need to be broken in. Some jute needs time to be broken in before it is ideal for bondage. The Maui Kink jute is ready to be put to use as soon as it is uncoiled which is desirable for someone like me who can be impatient with things like that.


I’ve played with the Maui Kink jute for a few days with different ties and even combining it with other ropes as well. Jute rope slides against skin causing some heat, but not burn unless its a quick yank or constant and semi quick pulling of the rope while it rubs on the skin. The sound that it makes when being tied in a knot or going through itself is delightful. Jute is *the* rope that can make my head fuzzy with rope-happy-brain in no time. Jute rope hugs tight, has little flex, holds knots well, it’s smooth but not super soft and is strong enough for suspensions. There really isn’t a bad element to jute that I have found. Jute is a perfect all around rope for bondage of all sorts.


Whether you are a novice at rope or an experienced rigger few coils of jute will be your friend so why not check out all the lengths and colors that Maui Kink has to offer at MauiKink.com

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