Reviewing Maui Kink’s flax linen rope

When I looked at the coil of Maui Kink’s flax linen rope in the box, I was captivated. Part of  that was that the flax linen was colored a rich royal blue and it was accompanied by the turquoise jute and together the two blue tones just hypnotized me. I knew this would be another fun rope experience and I hadn’t even had the rope in my grubby little paws yet. I couldn’t wait to get myself tied up in the flax linen.

Of course, as soon as I picked it up I did have to smell it. The scent of the rope is always a big factor to me since my memory is tied to scent. It doesn’t smell like jute, hemp or any other rope but it has a subtle scent. It suits the rope well.

The flax linen is twisted tightly when its made so the strands don’t separate with its use like some other types of rope. It glides over skin and rope with an astounding smoothness which triggers a happy and horny sensation in my brain. The flax linen rope had the same effect on my brain as the alpaca rope did so I had to stop to ::ahem:: take care of business before continuing. Once I was back in action, I found that the flax linen rope holds knots well. It does tighten on itself just a bit but its nothing drastic. Flax linen doesn’t have stretch or give any more than jute or hemp does so I see it as a lovely edition of exotic rope for traditional rope lovers. I tied some knots with a combination of flax linen and jute ropes and it was nice to feel how similar and different the two types were. The flax linen rope and jute were very similar in performance while tying knots but the textures were quite different but they worked like a charm together. With that said, the flax linen is a wonderful rope on its own and doesn’t need the company of any other ropes to make it a great rope experience.

It isn’t really a mean rope for those rope sadists and masochists out there. It very much gives the feel of tight bondage without pain or irritation to the skin. It has no vicious side like the coconut or yak rope, but the rope can be as uncomfortable as you choose to make it to be with the style of ties just not texture of the rope itself.


All in all, the flax linen rope is a rope that I recommend as a fantastic addition to any rope lovers bag. It wont disappoint rope lovers out there. I haven’t had a bad experience with any Maui Kink ropes so I will always be quick to suggest them for rope lovers of all types. Maui Kink offers some amazing exotic, luxury and traditional ropes for bondage so make sure to check out their site for all your rope and BDSM toy desires.



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