G-spot lollipop review

I picked up a G-spot lollipop toy to review while I was down in Pasadena for AVN’s Adult Novelty Expo a couple weekends ago. The G-spot lollipop first caught my eye with its variety of brightly colored toys that were on display. They had a variety of sizes, different types of products and of course different colors, but the one I was given is called the “Double Pop” and it was in a tasty looking “Orange Crem’e.” The Double Pop is a double ended toy with one smooth acrylic ball on each end. The two balls are different in size with one being smaller than the other. The surgical grade steel bar holds the balls on with surgical glue and it has a lifetime warranty. I like when people back their product like that and these guys at G-spot Lollipop will back their product up.

I had never used a spherical toy like the Double Pop before so I didn’t know what to expect. I used a generous amount of lube and with some patience, I was able to work the smaller of the two ends in without a problem. I worked it a little until I found the pleasurable g-spot point and set to working myself over with the toy. The Double Pop gave me a nice filled sensation inside without any discomfort. I used the toy to continually stimulate my g-spot. My orgasm made my pelvic floor muscles (or as I like to call them “cunt muscles”) grab hold of the ball firmly and refuse to let go. That action caused the Double Pop ball to embed itself in my g-spot and with each spasm it renewed its pressure on my g-spot which made my orgasm last longer and feel amazingly powerful.

The Double Pop is a great toy for those who like non-phallic looking, g-spot stimulating, brightly colored and easily cleaned toys. I also discovered that it can be used as a tool to squeeze when doing kegels which is a nice and a beneficial addition to the toys intended purpose. Check out gspotlollipop.com for their entire line of toys. You can also follow them on twitter @gspotlollipop.


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