Toyfriend’s Coney put to the test

I have to say that I love the name “Toyfriend” for a sex toy company/line of toys. I mean, we do tend to have a pretty intimate “relationship” with them, they are usually there when we need them and most of the time they make us feel better after we spend some time with them. I’d say two out of three of those things are what qualifies people as our friends (three out of three if they are *really* good friends) so why not call a line of toys Toyfriends? Ingenious! As you can tell, I am entertained. Anyways, I’m rambling…moving on!

 I discovered Toyfriend while I was at ANE a few weekends ago. It turned out a lovely friend of mine was running the Toyfriend booth and she was kind enough to let me have a toy to review. After much looking at the interesting shaped vibrators, I chose a rabbit looking vibe called Coney. I also grabbed one of their booklets and read the blurb on Coney:


“Here’s Nature’s long-eared love-child, at his best when let run wild.”

The Rabbit, the Bunny and now here is Coney! Coney is a Power Toyfriend with unique character: soft-eared and hard-nosed; a black rebel and a gentle lover. Coney is designed for strong movement in the soft ears and a very strong vibration in his nose for awesome clitoral stimulation. Coney is very quiet and powerful as well as waterproof, is made from super-smooth body-safe silicone and comes with two speeds as well three pulsation modes for a truly wild experience. Comes including batteries for immediate action.”

I had never played with a rabbit type vibe or a waterproof toy so I was quite excited about getting to play with my new Toyfriend!

One of the first things I noticed when I held Coney is that the silicone that it is made from has a velvety texture. It isn’t sticky or slick but its soft texturally. The vibe itself is very solid with the only flexibly moving parts being the ears. The push button to turn Coney on is on the bottom of the vibe. That is also the same button to push to change the pulsation patterns and to turn it off which keeps the vibe simple and easy to use.

The Coney’s flexible ears can wrap around the clit and give it a vibratey hug which feels lovely. I also was sure to use the hard nose for clit stimulation and it made my feet tingle with delight. The Coney is relatively quiet and the vibrations are fairly strong for such a small toy. Its not nearly as powerful as a hitachi, but it is a pleasurable amount of vibrations that can be used for a more extended amount of time than a toy like the hitachi. In other words, the Coney wont make ya go numb if you use it for 15 minutes or more.

The Coney is made more for an external tickler than an insertable, but his power combined with those pleasing nose and ears make that just fine with me. Of course, I had to insert it in me a bit and it feels decent, but Coney is best used for its intended purpose of vibrating from the outside for maximum enjoyment.

If you do plan on using this in the tub, make sure that the bottom that hold the batteries is fully screwed in to keep the waterproof seal actually waterproof. Coney does make a good bath buddy and we want to keep it lasting a long time so make sure you clean it and dry it properly. Some of the Toyfriends do come with stock batteries but the batteries arent that great so they may run out soon so be prepared. I personally don’t tend to have too many battery operated toys but I am sure to keep batteries nearby just so I wont have to miss time with Coney if I so crave it…and I do!

Toyfriend has many different and interesting types of toys like g-spot vibes, clit ticklers and full on insertables so be sure to check out for their full selection and information on all of their toys.




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