Papaya Toys Rainbow vibe

I came home to find a box from Papaya Toys on my doorstep. I was filled with giddy energy and I flung the door open and quickly shuffled the box inside. I was cutting into the box before the door had even shut behind me. I knew what it was, but that didn’t quell my excitement. I pulled the toy box from the bigger box and opened it to see the Rainbow tucked into its holder. The purple color was gorgeous and I was excited to give this toy its first test drive.

Once I had the Rainbow in my hands, I unscrewed the bottom part and pulled the battery holder out. Something really cool and unique to the Papaya line of  toys is the battery holder. It is marked with + and – like all battery operated things, but once the batteries are in the battery holder, the holder itself can be put back into the vibrator with either end facing up. The way it is made allows the battery compartment to have no wrong way to put it in as long as its vertical and screwed in completely.

The Rainbow has a lovely shape. The head is bulbous and has a slight curve to rub the g-spot in the most delicious way. The body of the Rainbow is more slender than the head and has ribbed sections the rest of the way down the shaft of the toy. It is flexible but firm. The shape and ridges give delicious stimulation and add in the easy button vibrations to make for an orgasmic combination. For those not into vibrations, the toy alone works wonders. For those who do like the vibrations, the Rainbow has three different vibration settings all changed with one push of the same button.

The Rainbow (and all Papaya toys) are made from 100% premium grade silicone from US suppliers, are phthalate free and waterproof. This makes for a high quality sex toy which is always important to me since higher quality is likely to last longer and perform on a higher level than cheap toys. Like most of my favorite toys, the clean up is a breeze as is storage as Papaya Toys even come with a little black bag to store your vibe if you don’t care to keep the whole box. Its like they thought of everything!

The Rainbow is a great toy for those who like quality silicone, waterproof and user friendly toys. It is great for a beginner vibe for those exploring g-spot stimulation without feeling overstimulated and its also good for those experienced in the ways of self pleasure.  Basically, this toy is full of win and it can fill you with win if you give it a chance 😉 So don’t be shy, go to for all of the excellent toys that Papaya Toys has to offer.

If you want to follow some of the lovely people of the @PAPAYAtoys family who are filled with knowledge on their products, check out @PapayaPam @HolgerTheisen and @PapayaChris.

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