In the Headmaster’s office

He glared down through the glasses on the bridge of his nose. His steely eyes pierced mine, “I’m disappointed to see you here again, girl.”

I cringed, trying to sink into myself and disappear.

“I warned you about your behavior just a few days ago. It appears you need more than a warning. Do you recall what I said would happen if I had to see you again for behavioral problems, young lady?”

I nodded.

“Speak up, girl.”

I stammered, “Yes sir.”

He waited, “Well?”

I blushed and looked down, “You…you said that I would get a thrashing.”

“Look at me in the eyes when you speak to me.”

I couldn’t bring myself to look up. I was blushing so hard I was close to tears.

He lifted my chin with his thumb and forefinger. I met his eyes and it took all I had.

He held my stare and said, “That’s right. You have earned yourself a thrashing, haven’t you?”

I started to protest, “But sir, I’m sorry. I really am.”

He released my chin, “You are sorry you got caught. I promised you proper discipline if you ended up here again. I intend to keep my promise so there will be no point in pleading or begging.”

I quietly murmured “yessir.”

He took his suit coat off and hung it on the coat rack in the corner of the room. He walked to the corner of his desk and I followed his gaze to the bucket of canes. My heart thudded in my chest and my ears grew hot as he pilfered through the various canes. He picked one out and sliced it through the air and the noise it made gave me goosebumps.

“Right, young lady, come here.”

I slowly stood on trembling knees. His patience was waning, I could feel it but I couldn’t force my feet to move any faster as I shuffled over to his side. I blushed from my scalp to my toes, but said nothing and watched him move. He set the cane on the desk, pulled his chair from behind his desk and placed it in the center of the room. He sat down and patted his lap. I moved to his side and draped myself over his lap quickly.

It hadn’t even started and I wished it was over. I felt the breeze as my skirt was pulled up to expose my knickers. I shivered. His left hand grabbed my hip and pulled me in closer and held me snugly in place as he delivered the first stinging swat. It surprised me and I let out a squeak as I lunged forward. It didn’t phase him one bit and he kept on spanking me. Little whimpers and whines soon turned to “ow” and “please stop.”

“Please, Sir! Stop!”

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! The swats kept landing painfully and with precision. This was just the beginning. I knew I was in for it.

He stopped and I panted over his lap. I quickly made a move to get up and he stopped me by pushing me back down, “Now, now, we aren’t done yet.” His fingers slipped in the waistband of my knickers. I pleaded, “Please sir, not on the bare. I will behave. I promise! Please sir!” I whimpered but knew he wouldn’t let me get away with it. He would get his way and I would obey.

“Naughty young ladies aren’t spared their dignity when being punished,” he stated before he slid my panties down.

He waited for the humiliation of my having had begged for my panties to stay up only to have them pulled down to sink in before he spoke further, “The longer you continue to act like a child, the more often and longer you will find yourself over my lap.”

My stomach flipped flopped with fear and total humiliation, “Yes sir. I’m sorry, sir.”

He began to spank me harder and faster on my vulnerable bare bottom. I squirmed and kicked but he held me firmly as he paused for a moment to put his leg over the backs of my knees to pin my legs and prevent kicking. The echoes of my spanking made my ears ring with shame. My bottom ached and the stinging blows kept landing on my upturned bottom. I didn’t waste my breath on pleading or begging, I knew it was useless. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of making me cry so I put all my focus into fighting with my lack of reaction. I fought it for as long as I could, but eventually I broke down into tears. I sobbed over his knees. Part of it was relief for someone actually taking me in hand, part was the pain but mostly it was just letting go. I realized the spanking had stopped. His hand was rubbing and patting my back as I tried to regain control of myself.

When I was sniffling quietly, he stood me up in front of him. I wiped my eyes and looked at him. His eyes had a mixture of soft and stern as he spoke to me, “It’s time for your caning. Are you ready, girl?”

I nodded. He stood up and placed the chair back behind his desk. He picked up the cane and was back by my side.

“Bend over the desk. Keep your hands on the desk. Do not reach back. Hold this position until I tell you otherwise.” I bent over the desk, assumed the position and said,”yes sir.” The cool air kissed my hot skin as my skirt was lifted to expose my bared bottom.

The cane tapped my bum making me flinch in anticipatory fear. I waited as it was pulled back. With an audible cut through the air, it firmly connected with my tender flesh. I hissed through my teeth as the white hot pain shot through my body. My knees buckled but I quickly returned to the proper position.

He tapped below the previous mark. The second blow landed and I yelped.

He tapped the cane against the crease of where my bottom meets my leg and said, “Last one.”

With amazing precision the cane landed in the tender crease. Hot tears stung my eyes before they rolled down my cheeks and onto his desk. It hurt far more than any of the other swats or cane strokes. It felt like it should be bleeding. I wanted to reach back and check, but I knew I didn’t want another one so I held my position.

“Stand up and face me.”

I stood and my skirt fell over my bottom. The pleated skirt felt like sandpaper on my freshly punished behind.

“I think it will benefit you to kneel in the corner and think about how you will change your behavior as not to end up here again.” He grabbed a handful of pencils from his desk and laid them on the floor in the corner.

I looked at him with a sniffle and murmured, “yes sir.” I walked over to the corner, knickers still at my thighs and knelt onto the pencils. He walked over and flipped my skirt up and tucked the hem into the waist. I heard his footsteps fade and soon his chair creaked as he sat to watch me with my punished bottom on display. Within moments the pencils dug into my knee’s flesh. I knew I didn’t want to be here. It was embarrassing and I was filled with shame for my actions. I wanted to be a good girl. I didn’t want to disappoint him. But something made me behave the way I did to get me here.

After what felt like an eternity, he called to me and I stood up gingerly. The pencils had dented my knees and one even stuck to me for a moment before falling back to the floor with a loud clatter in the quiet room. “Pick up the pencils and come here.” I picked them all up aware that my bottom was still on display. I walked to him with my head lowered and handed the pencils to him.

“Did you learn your lesson, girl?”

I raised my eyes to meet his, “Yes sir, I did.”

His face softened, “I am quite glad to hear it. You look truly contrite so I will dismiss you now. I had better not see you back here for anything other than excellent behavior or this will seem like a warm up. Do you understand?”

I nodded, “Yes sir.” I pulled my knickers back up and lowered my skirt before leaving his office. The door clunked shut behind me and my hands immediately went to rub my throbbing butt. I could feel the heat and the cane stripes all were raised to the touch. It hurt like crazy but I couldn’t ignore the fire it had ignited inside me. I blushed at the reaction it had within me. I wanted more. I needed more. I would be back.

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