Reviewing the Crystal Minx

I like to consider myself an anal aficionado in general, but I am a devout lover, supporter and product pimp of all things that come from Crystal Delights Toys. I have loved the butt stuff (and stuffin’ butts) for quite a while now and I can genuinely say that I have not come across a better line of butt plugs than the ones from @CrystalDToys. Im doubting that it is possible to top the beauty *and* quality that @CrystalDToys brings to the table in the butt plug world. So with that said, I was abso-fucking-lutely thrilled when I heard that she was going to give making tails a go. I will say my ego had one of its biggest pets ever when I was told the line of tail toys would be called the Crystal Minx. Wow, what an honor to have something so amazing connected with me and my name.

Okay okay, enough of the fangirl stuff and down to the nitty gritty. I have six tails in total (seriously) and my newest addition is my @CrystalDToys tail and it is by far my favorite. I have two fluffy tails that have a crappy rubber plug attached to the tails and after using them a few times the outer plug material began separating from the core of the plug inside itself. Sound confusing? Well, the plug looks like a prune on the outside and I’m sorry to say prunes aren’t sexy to me in any way. Another bit of annoyance was the fact that the rubber plugged tails had no size options. It is a one size fits all kinda deal and that doesn’t work for many folks when it comes to the butt stuff.

I have three solid silicone tails that wag and they are fun but they have their problems too. The three I have are all different sizes on the plug end which is convenient, however, those plugs don’t really taper in an easy way. The plugs are kind of shaped like eggs so getting them in isn’t the easiest unless you have lots of time, don’t care about the discomfort/pain if you work quick or your butt doesn’t need a tapering toy. Personally, the less pain I inflict on my bum with insertion, the longer I will be able to wear it.

So when I got my tail from @CrystalDToys I was quite excited since I have had many pleasurable experiences with their plugs. Like all of the @CrystalDToys plugs, the glass is flawless, high quality and easy to clean. This tail is fluffy black and white fur that I chose to match my puppy hood. Yet another fantastic aspect of the @CrystalDToys Crystal Minx line of tails is that you can pick your tail’s color from all the colors @CrystalDToys has. The tail’s glass plug is the *perfect* size for me to ease in and wear for an extended period of time. Being that it is a solid glass plug, the Crystal Minx will not have problems like separating from its core like the rubber plugged tails and it is perfectly tapered for easy entry unlike the silicone tails. The Crystal Minx is full of epic win!

I had to take my tail for a test run within days of getting it (my inner puppy isn’t patient) and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I wore my tail for four straight hours with no pain, no discomfort and never feeling like it would slip out. To make it better, there was no pain when I did remove it after those four hours and *that* is why it is the best tail ever. What that means is I can wear this tail more often and as long as I want and as a human pup, that is extremely important to me.

I *always* direct people to Crystal Delights Toys for butt plugs, but with this new Crystal Minx line of tails, I can now direct my fellow puppies, foxes, wolves, kitties, bobcats and other pet play loving folks to Crystal Delights Toys for a high quality tail. It may not be up on the site just yet, but go to and tell ’em Minx sent you to get the best tail ever!

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