Watching a Villain at work

One of the many perks of being in the adult industry and being a reviewer is getting to meet so many amazing people. Twitter has definitely done wonders for allowing me to meet with likeminded folks both online and in person. One of those fantastically interesting people I have had the joy of meeting (online and in person) is @ProVillain. For those who don’t know @ProVillain, he is a fellow pornographer, kinkster and all around awesome guy…er, villain. So I was filled with glee when he asked me to review some of his porn. Yes, its true, my life is awesome.

I perved and and chose some clips from each site. The clips I am reviewing today are “Ten Amorette Spanked Hard” and “Ten Amorette Whipped Hard” I chose these for multiple reasons: I have met @TenAmorette and @ProVillain, I LOVE spankings, @TenAmorette has an amazing bum and her pout is the cutest pout in the world. I knew these two would be a good match (brat+sadist=good combo) and I wanted to watch the fun unravel before me.

Ten Spanked Hard- Photo courtesy of

I watched the clips and was very happy with them. For those that don’t know the gorgeous @TenAmorette, let me fill tell ya a little something: she is an *epic* brat (in a good way). This is no secret, but watching the brat action is especially wonderful when it ends up with her end up getting spanked for her bratitude. Stubborn little @TenAmorette could just be good and her boss would stop spanking her, but Ten would do no such thing and instead kept yelling “FUCK YOU!” It warms my heart to see a bratty bottom being warmed and @ProVillain makes sure to add some heat to her seat.

The lovely thing about these clips is that it caters to multiple audiences. There are hand spankings while over a lap and flogging and whipping while she is tied to a chair. Those will appeal to the spankos, sadists, brat lovers, those into BDSM and kinksters who like to see a naughty girl being taught a lesson. If you wanna watch a brat and a villain going head to head (or hand to butt) check out and for those that wanna see the second part or just jump to the flogging and whipping go to Remember, the more money you spend on porn, the more we can all continue to make it.

You can find the villain himself on twitter as @ProVillain and his websites and

You can also find the lovely brat known as Ten on twitter as @TenAmorette  and you can keep up with her writings, musings and doings at

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