What sub-space does to me

When I am asked to describe sub space, the best answer I can come up with is “white noise.” You know when TVs used to go to static and white noise covered the screen? Yeah, that is what happens in my brain. It makes my brain tingle. Sometimes my senses are heightened and other times I can’t feel a thing as my brain is so loud and overloaded my other senses stop working. It is the most amazing feeling that my body has felt. It is like love, trust, pain, pleasure, and happiness are swirling around at a speed undetectable to anything I’ve ever known to exist. It is like a brain orgasm.

It takes me a great deal of trust in the Dom/top to get to sub space. That trust was once broken so it took a while for me to be comfortable to get back there with anyone. So If I have asked you to beat on me I really trust you. If I have slipped into sub space and have that blissful and stupid grin on my face when we have played then I will damn near beg to see you again because I *REALLY* trust you.

I am fortunate that I have a patient partner and friends to help get me back to my fuzzy headedness at times.

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