Bondage and blowjobs? Yes please!

Its always a good day when porn is involved whether it be making or watching it. Today I sat down to watch some more Villain porn…@ProVillain porn to be exact. The clips I am reviewing are the Workplace Harassment clips featuring Amber Rayne. These clips can be found here.

The clips start out with Amber Rayne working late when her boss @ProVillain comes in. He hints at making sure she is worthy of keeping her job if she performs up to his standards. A couple touches to her shoulders quickly escalates to touching that is definitely not work appropriate (in the normal work atmosphere). Her protests quickly lead to her getting her hands, legs and body tied to her chair and having to prove how much she wants her job. The @ProVillain, being the unscrupulous boss that he is, cuts her top off with a knife and begins to force himself on her. You could, in theory, feel bad for the poor girl, but once she starts sucking his cock you wont feel bad for her…you will want to be him.

Amber Rayne sucks her boss’s cock like a champ and seems to have no gag reflex while she takes him all down her throat. I was impressed and had to keep watching. Her boss does pause to suck and bite her nipples and tries to kiss her but she resists as much as she can. It is a futile attempt to avoid her boss having his way with her and she is reminded of that when his cock is shoved in her face. Amber sucks @ProVillain off until he comes in her mouth or more likely down her throat with the way she gobbled him down. She looks up at him after his orgasm, still tied to the chair, hair disheveled and I have no doubt that she is allowed keep a job at his company after that cocksucking performance.

If you like damsel in distress, knife play, slightly evil bosses, bondage, blowjobs and a pretty girl willing to do anything to keep her job then these clips may be the clips for you. I have yet to be disappointed with any clips I have reviewed for @ProVillain and that excites me since I still have quite a few more to view for review 😀 Check out both of his sites and for all of his other works.

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