Facing the Headmaster

My phone went off in class causing a ruckus. The teacher looked up and saw me digging frantically through my bag to silence it. A few giggles were heard once I was able to silence it. I blushed, “Sorry.” He said, “There are no phones allowed in class. Give it to me.” I quickly snapped, “No, it’s my personal property. You can’t have it.”

He shook his head, “Your choices are to give me your phone or go see the headmaster.”A bunch of “oooooohhhhhs” echoed off the barren room. Not thinking before I spoke I blurted out, “Oh really? And what the fuck is he going to do about it? I silenced the call already. Just let it go.” With a sigh, he pulled a notepad from his desk and scribbled on it with purpose. He stood up and walked over to me. Quietly he said, “Go to the Headmaster’s office. I suspect he will figure out what to do with you.” I harumphed, grabbed the note, threw it in my backpack and promptly walked out of the classroom. I know some people see this as a negative thing, but I saw a free pass. I began walking towards the Headmaster’s office and quickly kept walking past it and out the doors out into the sunshine. I had just about made it to the street when I heard, “Where do you think you are going, young lady?”

I cringed, stopping in my tracks. I turned around slowly and I was face to face with the headmaster. I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

“I asked you a question, girl.”

I cleared my throat, “Uh, I was just…going to get some lunch.”

He stood still, his shadow cast over me ominously. “Is that so? I do believe class is in session right now so there is no reason for you to be leaving.”

Right as I was about to stammer an excuse, my phone went off. He raised his eyebrows and gently grabbed my backpack that was slung over my shoulder. I didn’t fight him. Something in his expression told me not to. He pilfered through my bag and grabbed my phone and he paused. He saw the note. Shiiiiit. He pulled the note out and pocketed my phone. I saw him reading and realized that I hadn’t read the note. I’d thrown it in my bag so quick that I didn’t bother to see what my teacher wrote. Judging by the way the headmaster’s eyebrows rose, I’m guessing it was far worse than I thought it was.

His face creased even more. Lines of surprise and disappointment were etched in his face from the years of this job and it only took a moment for both to replace the kind face that he usually wore. His reaction worried me and then he ran his hand over his salt and pepper hair slowly and sighed. That worried me even more.

“Well girl, what do you have to say for yourself.”

I tried to sound lighthearted but the quiver in my voice gave me away, “I…I suppose it depends on what he wrote on the note.” I cleared my throat nervously.

“What do you think he wrote?”

“Um, that my phone went off?”

He asked, “Is that all?”

I sheepishly said, “Well, I cursed too.”

He continued to penetrate me with his steely stare but I said nothing more. We stood in silence. I jumped when he cleared his throat, “You neglected to mention your smartass attitude. And since when can you back-sass a teacher and have a phone in class?”

“But I…”

He interrupted me, “And to top it off, you were trying to leave campus to avoid punishment. You have racked up quite the tally of offenses, young lady.”

He didn’t give me time to answer before he grabbed me by the ear and walked me back to the building, past the secretary and back into his office.

He released my ear and it throbbed for a moment, but I heard him loud and clear, “I thought I warned you last time that you didn’t want to be back here for behavioral issues.”

I must have felt brave when I blurted out, “Well, I had no intention of coming here.”

The look of shock on his face immediately made me clap my hands over my mouth. It must have been comical if one were a fly on the wall, but there was no chuckle from the headmaster. He merely shook his head with a sigh and said, “You must really need some regular and severe discipline to keep you on track.”

He grabbed my wrist and pulled my hands from my face. He tugged me into his personal bathroom and grabbed the bar soap. I yanked back knowing his intentions. He pulled harder and said, “Open.”

He squeezed my wrist and I opened my mouth. He put the bar of soap on my tongue, moved it around and said, “Bite down.” I did. My tongue tried to recoil at the disgusting taste but there was no escape. He pointed to the same corner which I had knelt on pencils a while ago and said nothing more than, “Now.”

I walked to the corner quickly. Though I did hear shuffling and other various noises, I didn’t dare look over my shoulder to see what he was doing.

He called to me. I blushed and turned toward him. He cooked his finger and I walked to him. “You are in some serious trouble, girl.”

I hung my head. Bubbly drool dripped from my mouth. I was humiliated.

“Are you ready to speak to me like a proper young lady?”

I nodded trying not to swallow any soap.

“Good,” he said, “go put the soap back. Do not rinse your mouth.”

I ran to the bathroom and removed the soap. I spit but nothing could get rid of that horrid taste. I returned and stood in front of him, eyes downcast.

“Young lady, your behavior has been deplorable today. There is no excuse and I won’t hear any. Do you understand me?”

I looked at him and nodded.

It was like deja vu as he pulled out his desk chair and moved it to the center of the room. He hung his coat and stood in front of me as he began to roll up his sleeves. He began to lecture me, “I know you know better than to act like a spoiled brat. You know the rules and you are usually good about abiding by them, however, it would appear your teachers and I have been far too lenient lately. I intend to remedy that today, young lady.” I whimpered quietly.

He sat down and pulled me over his lap. He flipped my skirt up and tugged my knickers down immediately and pinned the backs of my knees with one of his legs. I was too shocked to protest. Last time my knickers didn’t come down until later in my spanking. That was as far into that thought as I got when the stinging blows snapped me out of my own head. I immediately reached back to try to shield my bottom from the blows. “Girl, move your hands. Do not reach back again or you will regret it.” I moved my hand and the hard swats continued to pepper my bum. I squeaked, squealed and whined but I couldn’t take anymore so I reached my hand back for hoping for some momentary relief. He grabbed my wrist and pinned it to the small of my back, “You just earned yourself a hand strapping, girl.” He kept spanking me harder and faster. I pleaded but my pleas fell on deaf ears. He adjusted me slightly and spanked all down the backs of my thighs. I sobbed as the heat on my thighs kept building. The soap bubble that popped out of my mouth didn’t help make me feel like I could cry with any amount of dignity. He moved back up and to the delicate crease between leg and butt and rained down a hard volley of swats that made me yelp and cry even louder.

Just as quick as it started, it stopped. He stood me up as I was still crying and sniffling. He moved and returned shortly with a new implement in hand…it was the dreaded tawse. He pushed me over the desk into the same position I had been in when I had my caning. He tucked my skirt him into the waistband and I saw him move off to the side. His arm rose and a huge CRACK! followed as it connected with my hot flesh. The thick leather strap felt like it seared my skin right off. I howled in pain. The second and third swats landed causing my breath to catch in my throat. The tears started up and the strap kept falling. He painted the backs of my thighs with the evil implement before he stopped.

He sat me in the chair making my butt and backs of my thighs throb with pain and discomfort. I shifted trying to ease the pain but was interrupted as he commanded, “Stop wiggling.” I stopped and caught my breath. The Headmaster flipped the front of my skirt up so my legs were exposed. He said, “Hands out flat, one on top of the other.” I did as I was told and closed my eyes as I saw him toss the strap over his shoulder. “Open your eyes, girl.” I did. I watched the strap move from his shoulder and come crashing down onto my upturned palm. I hissed in pain and pulled my hand in.

“Hands back out and switch.”

I looked up at him and pleaded with my eyes. I was only answered with a hard stare. I changed palms and resumed the position. The strap flashed down and coated my palm in pain. I switched hands as he readied himself. As the strap was coming down, I yanked my palm away at the last second. The strap landed on my pale leg with force and I understood why he had flipped my skirt up in the front. My leg took a fiery red hue and it left a perfect stap mark complete with the dual split ends. I put my same palm back out and the strap connected this time. I switched palms again and the strap stung my punished hand again. I whimpered and a tear ran down my face. He stopped and set the strap down.

He looked at me, “Get a pen and paper.” I stood up and found both on his desk. “You are going to write ‘Thank you for correcting my childish behavior, Sir.’ fifty times. If your handwriting gets sloppy, you will do it over. Do you understand me?”

I nodded, “Yes Sir.”

“Good. Take a seat back in that desk in the corner and get to it. Do not adjust your knickers or skirt. Go.”

I shuffled over to the desk and slid into it gingerly. It hurt. My legs, bottom and hands throbbed and the thought having to write lines after having my hands strapped filled me with self pity. He must have seen my expression as I heard him say, “Do not feel sorry for yourself, young lady. You deserve this. You earned it. You needed it.”

I sniffled, “Yes Sir.” I held the pen and realized there was no comfortable way to hold it. It felt like I was holding a lightening bolt. I sucked it up and started writing my lines. I did not rush. I wanted to get it right the first time. I don’t know how much time passed before I finally finished, but eventually I did. I walked over to his desk and presented the paper to him. He looked it over and said, “Good.” He stood up and rifled through his desk. He tacked it to the wall behind his desk so anyone that came in could see it. I hung my head in shame yet again.

“You may fix your uniform.” I pulled my knickers back up with a grimace and readjusted my skirt. He stood up and walked to me. He circled me and said, “Your thighs are bright red. Now everyone will know you were punished for your bad behavior. Keep that in mind before you decide to break anymore rules, give sass or even consider ditching punishment.” I blushed, “Yes Sir.” He pulled me in for a tender hug and whispered, “I do this for your own good, girl. You know that right?” I nodded into his chest as I murmured, “Thank you, Sir.” He released me, “There is 10 minutes until lunch time, why don’t you go rinse your mouth out and go lay down in your bed until the bell.” That bit of mercy made me ever so grateful, “Thank you, Sir.” He smiled a soft smile and I left, grateful that I didn’t have to go back to class for at least an hour…sitting in a hard desk chair again wasn’t something I was looking forward to right away.

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