The Unscrupulous Headmaster

I moaned, eyes closed. I was so close to orgasm. I fucked myself with my fingers and rubbed my clit faster under the covers of my bed. I was so focused on getting to my orgasm that I hadn’t heard the door open or noticed the headmaster standing in my doorway. I heard a booming voice, “What do you think you are doing, young lady?!” And just like that my orgasm that had been mounting disappeared. I pulled my hand out of my knickers in record speed and I scrambled to sit with my back against the wall. I was beyond embarrassed. I couldn’t even get any words out to defend myself at that moment.

“You know that type of behavior is not tolerated in this school.”

I blushed, “I…I…but…”

He walked closer and said, “Such a filthy girl. This is a severe offense, girl.”

I tried to reason with him, “But I was doing it in the privacy of my own room. I wasn’t hurting anyone…quite the contrary actually.” I couldn’t believe I had just said that last bit out loud.

His eyebrows rose and he said, “Your room? I believe the dorm rooms are school property. As for not hurting anyone, I heard the ruckus and groaning and thought you may have been hurt. I knocked but you were obviously too busy to hear me. You may not have been hurting anyone, but that doesn’t stop it from being against the rules at this school and you had better watch that smart mouth of yours, young lady.”

I blushed crimson.

“Alright, get up and get to my office.” I looked at him with pleading eyes, “But Sir, haven’t I been punished enough already?” He crossed his arms over his chest and that booming voice came out again, “ONE!” I looked at him, I hoped for some sense of sympathy but there was none.

“TWO!” He bellowed.

I hopped up and said, ” Alright, alright. Im not a kid, you don’t have to count.”

He shook his head slowly and said, “You are digging yourself quite the hole, young lady. Come now, lets deal with this.”

I walked beside him looking down at my feet all the way to his office. He opened the heavy wooden door and I shuffled in and heard the door shut and lock behind him. That worried me. He hadn’t locked the door before, it was against school policy to make sure nothing unlawful would happen. He cleared his throat and I jumped. He walked over to his desk and spoke with his back still to me, “So girl, tell me why you are here.”

I whined, “You know why I am here.”

He turned to face me, “Tell me why you are here.”

I blushed, “Because I was touching myself.”

“Because you were touching yourself, what?” There was a slight gleam in his eye that I had never seen. He was enjoying my humiliation.

“Because I was touching myself, Sir.”

He nodded, “Proper young ladies don’t break the rules or partake in such dirty acts, do they?” I blushed, “I suppose you are right, Sir.” He stepped closer, “You suppose?” I stepped back, “I mean, you are right, Sir.” He took another step forward and I took another step back. My back hit the door. He took another step forward. He was now only an inch away from me. “Tell me girl, why were you touching yourself.”

I felt my heart rate rise, “Because I needed the release, Sir.”

He whispered the next command into my ear, “Tell me girl, what were you thinking about.” My mouth went dry and I tried to swallow to try to regain some wetness in my mouth. His voice rumbled, “Tell me now, girl.” I blurted out, “You, Sir.”

I heard the smile in his voice, “I thought so. I have seen the looks you give me, the way you manage to drop things so you can pick them up and give me a view while I am around and I heard you say ‘please Sir’ the last time you touched yourself. Thats right girl, I heard you last time. You need to be punished for being so naughty, girl.”

I blushed so hard it caused me pain. Mortified doesn’t begin to cover how I felt. He heard me masturbate to him. He knows I fantasize about him. He moved a hand under my skirt. I didn’t move a muscle. He cupped my pussy and chuckled, “You soaked through your knickers. Much more naughty of a girl than I knew.” He pulled his hand away and a whimper escaped my lips. He grinned cruelly, “You will have to be punished and maybe you will earn a reward afterwards.”

He quickly pulled me from the door and thrust me to his desk. He leaned me over the corner of the desk and delivered a stinging swat. The corner of the desk was grinding into my clit with each spank that landed. He knew it. I moaned and whimpered as he tormented me with pain and pleasure. He kept going until my whole bottom was on fire. I whimpered. He was on me in a second. Leaning over me. His body on mine, his cock straining against his pants and pushing against me. He growled, “Don’t you dare cum without my permission, girl.” I nodded, but that wasn’t good enough. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my head back, “You will call me Sir at all times. Do you understand me?” I moaned, “Yes Sir.”

He released my hair. He was behind me and had my knickers down in a second. Two fingers roughly penetrated my pussy. He growled with delight as he found my g-spot making me squirm under his experienced hands. His other hand resumed spanking me. I moaned, “Please Sir.” He growled, “Please Sir, what?”

“Please Sir, may I cum?”

“Cum for me, girl.” I exploded. I bucked on his hand and the desk. I felt myself start to squirt on his hand. That orgasm wracked through my body harder than I have ever known could be possible. I rode the waves of the aftershock and murmured, “Thank you Sir,” over and over. He pulled my knickers off and spread my legs further apart. I heard his pants unzip and his cock teased my swollen bits. He started to push into me and I squeaked as his thick cock stretched me. He filled me more and more until he was all the way inside me. He started to fuck me forcefully. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and bit my neck with a growl. I could feel another orgasm starting to mount as his cock brutalized my cunt and my clit was still mercilessly getting smashed on the corner of the desk.

“Please Sir, may I cum?” I felt his cock swell when he heard that. He fucked harder and his breathing became ragged, “You can cum when I do.” He put a hand over my mouth and grabbed my hip with the other. I was so close when I felt him start to orgasm. He pulled me down on him hard and he came with such force that I could feel him coating my ravaged insides. It set my orgasm off and I milked his cock with each twitch of my pussy. Even though my mouth was covered, my stifled moans still managed to echo off the walls.

He pulled out of me and zipped himself back up. I was still in a orgasmic haze. He stood me up and I felt his fluids start to drip down my leg. He handed me my knickers, “Put these on.” I took the knickers and slipped them on. I felt our mixed juices fill the gusset of my knickers. I looked up at him. He adjusted his glasses and said, “We will deal with the rest of your behavioral issues later, but its now time for lights out. Go back to your room and I will summon you tomorrow.” I murmured, “Yes Sir.” He walked me to the door and unlocked it but kept it closed as he pushed me up against it. He whispered in my ear, “Next time I fuck you, I will take your ass. You are mine now, girl.” His breath on my neck made me shiver as I murmured, “Yes Sir.” He moved back and waited for me to do the same before he opened the door and sent me on my way.

I stood in the hall, bewildered. Did that just happen? I felt some of him dripping further down my leg and I looked. I wiped the drop of fluid with my finger and put it in my mouth. Yes, it was real…very real.

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