The Villain punishes his bratty princess

Watching a cute girl get tied up, gagged, tickled, flogged and whipped while she is giggling and being sassy makes me smile. Todays clip that I am reviewing is Jade Inca Suspended and it has all of the above mentioned things and much more. Watching the ProVillain work her over made me want to see so much more.

When the adorable little Jade Inca is late to a play date with her Master, he has plans to cure her of such errant behavior. Her Master suspends her in ropes and has a scarf like gag tied into her mouth (don’t think that will stop her from bratting for one second) and he lets her just hang there for a while. He returns and gives a brief lecture about being late before he begins to flog her. The squeaks, squeals and moans that come out of Jade are so adorable that I don’t want the Master Villain to stop tormenting her. I mean, who doesn’t want to see a bratty little princess punished and squirming?!

Jade keeps teasing her Master so he ups his game from a flogger to a whip, but he briefly stops the whipping to tickle her. Jade giggles in the most delightful way as she endures this new form of torture from tickles. She cant escape from her Master’s tickling fingers no matter how much she squirms in the ropes. Ah the fun that can come from suspension bondage 😉 The whip comes back out and her bottom and feet are whipped. Her Master cracks the whip a few times underneath her and her reactions made me very happy and judging by the Villain’s face, he felt the same.

The bratty banter between Jade and @ProVillain makes this clip very fun. It really looks like these two were having a private playdate that managed to get recorded more than a porn clip. It looks comfortable and like these two play well together. It gives the clip a sexy and semi-intimate feel to it which is a rare treat when it comes to porn. If you want to check out the preview clips with a link to buy the full clip then click here.

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