The Discussion

He leaned over and spoke into my ear, “How did you plan on corrupting me?” I froze. I racked my brain trying to figure out how he knew I wanted to corrupt him. My brain halted with one thought…TWITTER! Eep! He must have seen that tweet. I thought about playing it off, but something told me that he wouldn’t let it slide.

I snuggled in closer and put my head on his arm trying to hide my eyes and blushing. I knew he was looking down at me, waiting. I started stammering but nothing was really coming out. He said, “Well?” His tone made my bits twitch. His voice is stern but can be soft…the perfect combination to make me blush and squirm uncomfortably in the best possible way.

I felt like a naughty girl confessing misdeed, “Uh, I um…I want to have you spank me. To play Headmaster and girl.” I even called him sir…his tone and presence made it necessary. I mumbled out a few more things that any proper young lady shouldn’t repeat and I was going to continue, but he interrupted me, “Look at me.” Fuck, fuck, fuck. I just wanted to hide more. I grabbed on to his arm and snuggled into him more and shook my head no. He lifted my chin. Gaddamit, he made me look at him. It made my cunt twitch. I was humiliated and loving every minute of it. I looked at him and was made to repeat how I wanted to corrupt him. I was so uncomfortable but I was so incredibly wet.

He allowed me to snuggle back into his arm so I could hide. He said, “Its not a matter of if those things will happen, young lady, its when. They will happen.” His tone made my insides flutter. I squirmed.

“You may be spending a lot of time over my knee.”

I cringed, but I wanted it so bad. I wanted to feel his thighs as I leaned over his lap. I wanted to feel the nerves and butterflies in my tummy from being over his knees. I wanted to feel the first swat land. I wanted to feel him pulling me in closer to secure me as the swats continued to come. I wanted to feel him spanking me and maybe even some lecturing. I wanted more.

My mind was running away with these thoughts. I snapped myself back to reality as the Headmaster man spoke. “Soon.” One word held so much power and he knew it. I wished it was more than a discussion, but the discussion was perfect for him to get into my head and he did with amazing precision and I just figured it out. Well played Headmaster…well played.

I left for home, my head filled with many thoughts. The Headmaster…the girl. The girl and the Headmaster. Over the Headmasters knee. The thoughts kept swirling. I would be over his knee eventually but the delicious torment was making the wait painful. The next time we meet, maybe I will get a swat, but for now, this discussion with the Headmaster is enough to get me going.

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