Spanking Minx: A Minx translation guide

Before the spanking

The bratting: If I am being a brat, chances are I am pushing to see how much I can get away with before you take action. Finding out how long you will take my brattiness until I get “the look” or a verbal warning with *that* tone…or no warning before I’m over a lap or knee. It is also my way of giving you a reason to spank me…in case just being me isn’t reason enough.

What you do: Threaten me with a spanking or punishment of some sorts or give me the look.
What you see: Blushing and possibly a look of horror on my face. Usually followed with silence.
What I’m feeling: Really? You promise? Prove it. Make me believe you. Make me know I have to obey you. That I am not the one in charge here.

What you do: Use that tone that means only one thing.
What I do: Try to hide and disappear into myself especially if we are in public.
What im thinking: Shiiit, that tone…it makes my knees weak. I want to push one more time to see if you will take me in hand.

What you do: Roll up your sleeves before the spanking.
What you see: Me looking down
What’s going on in my head: Fuck, fuck, fuck. It’s getting closer.

What you hear: Me stammering excuses, pleading, begging and/or backpedaling.
What I’m thinking: For the fucking love of all things important, please don’t let me off with a warning. Spank me, PLEASE!!!

What you see: Blushing, shifting from foot to foot, fidgeting.
What I’m thinking: It’s so close. Eep!

What you hear: Sir
What I’m thinking: You have me very subdued

What you do: Lecture me
What you see: Head down and pouting Minx
What I’m thinking: This is so fucking horribly embarrassing…I hope I won’t soak through my knickers.

What you hear: Whimper and/or whining
What I’m thinking: You are good at this. I don’t whimper for many. For fucks sakes, back your shit up.

What you do: Pull me over your lap
What I’m thinking: Mmm strong man. Oh crap, here it comes. Will he start light? Do I get a warm up? Gah, I sure hope so. Wonder how long it’ll take till my sweet spots kick in.

After the spanking begins

What you see: Lots of squirming and maybe even my trying to worm away and off your lap.
What I’m thinking: Grab me tighter!

What you hear: Ow, ow, please stop!
What I’m thinking: Ow, mmm, ow, please don’t stop!!!

What you do: Hook a finger in the waistband of my knickers.
What I say: Noooooooooooooo! Please don’t!
What I mean: Fuck, I hope I didn’t soak through them. I hope there is no visible wetness. That’s even more embarrassing *cunt twitch*

What you do: Spank harder
What I do: Whimper more, try to block the swats with my hand
What I am thinking: Pin my wrist to the small of my back or make me move it away.

What you do: Spank harder and faster
What I do: Quiet down with occasional yelps
What I am thinking: I am close to tears. I dont want to look like a pussy, but I need the catharsis. I want the release.

What you do: Stop spanking and rub my back and bum
What I do: Slow my sobbing
What I am thinking: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

What you do: Hug me close
What I do: Hug back harder
What I am thinking: I needed that so fucking bad. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If implements are involved

What you do: Pull your belt from its loops
What you see: Eyes wide and probably a blush
What I am thinking: One of the best sounds ever!!!! Eek…belts hurt ::pout::

What you do: Pull out a paddle or cane
What you see: Me backing up away from you
What I am thinking: RUN MINX RUN!!! I wonder if he could catch me. Would that make it worse? My poor bum is in for it ::whimper::

What you do: Tell me you are going to cane or strap my hands
What you see: Big puppy eyes in the Minx way
What I am thinking: Fuck yes. I love/hate that.

What you do: Leave me utterly satisfied and content with no brattiness left in me for the time being
What I say: Thank you
What I am thinking: I wonder if I will have marks. Mmm, will it hurt when I sit down? When can we do this again?! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

That sums up quite a bit and gives a peek into the inner machinations of my mind. Obviously there will be times this isn’t exactly what is going on and things like being spanked to tears have to be pre-negotiated, but its a loose guideline of whats going on inside my head, regardless of what I say, when I am in a spanking situation.

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