Discipline and Reward

My fist was poised to knock but I hesitated. I took a deep breath and tried to quiet the pounding of my heart in my ears. The door opened abruptly and I saw the Headmaster staring back at me. I lowered my fist and instinctively grabbed the hem of my skirt and tried to pull it down more. I regretted wearing such a short skirt.

He immediately pulled me in by my elbow and led me to the corner. “Stand here and don’t move.” He pulled my backpack from my shoulders and disappeared from my peripheral vision.

His shoes were the only give away to where he was, but it was hard to hear with the blood pounding in my ears. I heard him stop. I felt his presence behind me. I wanted to turn and look at him, but I knew better. I fidgeted while still staring into the corner.

“I’ve not been hearing good things about your behavior, young lady.” I cringed as he continued, “You are a smart girl, but you are making bad decisions. Alcohol in your room? That is unacceptable.”

I mumbled, “I just wanted to have some fun.”

He came closer to my side, “Fun? You know it is against the rules to have alcohol and you know I’d find out eventually. So, is this the fun you were thinking you’d have, girl?”

I blushed but didn’t answer. He said, “Explain this.”
I heard a paper crinkle. I looked to what he had in his hands. “This just fell from your backpack. Explain it to me, young lady.”

I took the note and read it. Fuck me. It was the note I had doodled in class on Friday. I forgot it was in my backpack and I blushed knowing he’d seen it. I mumbled something incoherent. He grabbed the note, “Young lady, explain this note.” I hung my head. He read the note aloud, “I want to corrupt Headmaster in all the best ways.” I was utterly humiliated. He cleared his throat, “there are even two hearts drawn on. Explain it to me.” I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. His voice got stern, “Young lady, do not keep me waiting.” I began to stammer, “Well, uh, I…um, I just had some dirty thoughts.”

“Dirty thoughts? Hmm, I will deal with that later, but first things first.” He walked away and I heard an all too familiar sound of a chair being put into the center of the room.

“Come here.” I turned to see him standing by the chair pointing right in front of him. I walked over and stood in front of him and looked at the floor. “Look at me.”

I looked at him. His eyes pierced me to my soul. I looked away from his eyes. He removed his coat and placed it on the back of the chair. He came back and stood in front of me and proceeded to roll his sleeves up. I shifted from foot to foot and looked down at the floor.

“It pains me to have to do this, but it’s obvious that you need discipline. I will keep you in line and on track if I have to do this every day until you graduate.” I sniffled and whimpered. He sat in the armless chair and tapped his lap. I clambered over his lap quickly. His thighs were warm as they pressed into my stomach. I blushed and hung my head. His left hand was on my back and his right hand rested on my skirt clad bottom briefly.

The entire world was silenced when his hand raised from my bum. The first swat landed with force, making me squeak with surprise. For the second time today, I regretted wearing such a short skirt. I figured he could have been swayed and bent to my will if I flirted a little, but the Headmaster had other plans.

The swats kept landing with precision and in one swift movement my skirt was flipped up and I was being spanked on my white cotton panties. I whimpered, squealed and squirmed but he wasn’t phased. The swats got harder and I felt my body translating the pain to pleasure. He hooked his finger into the waistband of my panties and I began whining. I begged for him to leave my panties up. I knew if he would pull them down, he would see that I had become aroused.

“Please, Sir! No, I’ll be good. I promise.” I squirmed further down to make pulling my panties down further that much harder. He said nothing. I was immediately humiliated by my own actions and righted my position. He pulled my panties down past my knees and the wetness in the gusset slid down my leg. I dropped my head as the spanking continued on the bare.

He stopped. “Stand up.” I stood and he stood too. He moved to a larger chair and sat, “come here.” I shuffled to him with my panties around my ankles and he guided me down into his lap. I tried to sit at an angle as not to get my juices on his legs. Since he hadn’t mentioned it, I had hoped he hadn’t seen it.

He held me close and my head rested on his chest. He smelled like clean laundry and dominant male. I can’t explain the second part but it was soothing and intoxicating. His hands went to my hot bottom to pull me in closer and I couldn’t help but squirm into his hands.

“So tell me what those thoughts you had were.” I blushed and snuggled into his chest more. I murmured, “Having sex with you.” His fingers brushed my pussy lips and I moaned involuntarily. “What about boys your age?” I scoffed at the thought, “I don’t like boys. I like men.” His finger slid between my pussy lips and revealed my wetness. “You are a student, it’s inappropriate.” I whined, “But I won’t tell anyone.” He cleared his throat, “You really want this?” I nodded, “Yessir.” He teased my pussy, “You can’t tell anyone. Ever.” I nodded.

He stood me up and asked, “Have you ever sucked cock?” I shook my head no. He pushed me back down so I was sitting in the big chair. He stood before me and pulled his cock free from his pants. I began licking and sucking him. Feeling his cock get hard from my mouth just turned me on more.

“Have you ever let a boy lick you?” I blushed and shook my head no. He pulled the panties that were around my feet and tossed them aside. He lowered himself between my legs and began licking and sucking my pussy and clit. I twitched under his skilled tongue and begged, “Please fuck me, Sir.”

“I’ll fuck you when I’m ready to.” I whimpered at his tone. He licked my pussy some more and stopped only to say, “Hands and knees on the chair.”

I assumed the position nervously. He was behind me, teasing my hungry slit with his cock before sliding it into me. I moaned. He felt so good inside me. His large hands that had just been spanking me gripped my hips as he drove his cock into me. I felt him inside me and squeezed him with my pussy. It made me shiver.

He fucked me hard and then soft. He alternated speed, but he went to the hilt every time. “If you are a good girl, you can have more of this.” I moaned happily. I wanted more and I needed more. He pulled out of me and I felt wetness on my anus. I clenched involuntarily. His finger penetrated my ass quickly and semi-roughly. I couldn’t help but push back on to his hand. A second finger worked into my ass. I growled with pleasure.

“Please Sir, fuck my ass.”

I heard the grin in his voice, “I will, if you are good.” He pulled his fingers from me and I heard his zipper zip back up. I whimpered being so close to release and wanting more of him. I wanted his cock in my ass. He knew it. He stood me up, “Go home and do your homework, young lady. If you do really well, I will be giving you more of this.” My eyes dropped to the floor and all I could think of was kissing his shoes with gratitude. I shook the thought from my head and I replied, “Yes, sir.”

I tried to shake the fuck fuzz from my brain while I dressed myself and grabbed my backpack. He held the door open and though his voice was stern, I heard his lust, “Get an A on Monday and I will summon you.” I smirked and walked out the door. I took a deep breath and realized I’d never had such inspiration to work so hard at school. I had to get home and hit the books if I wanted more…and I really did want more.

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