ASLAN Leather Licorice Minx

Imagine my giddiness when I talked to ASLAN Leather and they were going to send me a harness to review. Can you imagine it? Well picture a smiling, giggly Minx and throw in some booty shaking and that was about my level of SQUEE! I had heard nothing but the most amazing compliments and comments about ASLAN Leather products, but more specifically, their strap on harnesses. From what I had heard, this was *THE* strap on brand to go with. Ya know what? Those people were so fucking right!!!

One of the first things that I noticed about the ASLAN Licorice Minx harness is how soft and supple the leather is. The leather almost has a velvety feel about it. As soon as I slipped the ASLAN Minx harness on, I knew it would be an amazing harness and I was eager to try it out.

The ASLAN Minx harness has buckle closures on each hip, d-ring closures on the rear straps and lace up closure for the back. It is versatile in sizing since it is made to fit hips from 30″-60″. The back panels of the ASLAN Minx harness are placed in such a way that the harness wont dig into the flesh and will sit nicely (and stay in place) over the tailbone. The ASLAN Minx is a two strap model so it allows access to the strap on wearers bits if so desired. Due to all of these simple adjustment options, you can make this harness feel like it is a part of you.

While fucking with the ASLAN Minx harness on, I noticed that not once did I have to readjust anything on the harness even with position changes. This harness was comfortable for sweet, soft fucking as well as fucking-so-hard-I-left-an-imprint-in-the-matress-of-the-body-beneath-me. Another plus is the placement of the hole for the dildo itself. The hole is fashioned in such a way that if you want to use a dildo with balls, you can have the balls pushed against the top of your clit so every time you thrust, the balls rub on the thrusters bits. It also comes with an O ring and is set up for that as well for those who prefer to keep the dildo on the outside of the harness.

The ASLAN Minx harness comes with a Double Up Dildo Cuff which can be worn on any two strap Minx, Jaguar or Driver harness. The Double Up Dildo Cuff used anywhere along the two straps (that go between the legs) allows the harness wearer to keep a dildo and/or butt toy in place while still being able to fuck freely. It is a win-win situation if that is something you enjoy. I am the kinda girl that thinks ‘the more holes filled the better’ but if you don’t like that kind of thing, the Double Up Dildo Cuff does slide off easily.

The ASLAN Minx harness has moved to the top of my list for strap on goodness. It is high quality leather and a high quality harness which is designed to give some high quality fucking. You can expect to see me using the ASLAN Minx harness in porn soon. I fully recommend that you invest in the best quality sex toys and I can say that ASLAN will not disappoint with the Licorice Minx.

ASLAN also backs up its product in a great way. The ASLAN Minx is guaranteed for life! Meaning if it breaks or is a defective item, contact ASLAN and they will replace the item. How cool is that?! If you are looking for a high quality strap on harness that will be worth its weight in gold, get the ASLAN Minx harness! Check out the ASLAN Minx and all of the other great products ASLAN has to offer at

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