I’m a switch and how I size you up

Being a switch is fan-fucking-tastic. Its like being bisexual except BDSM style! We get the best of both worlds. Are we just greedy? Eh, who cares.

I am constantly amazed at the amount of people that don’t understand switches. I’ve heard switches cant be “true Doms” and that switches are all just subs that haven’t met the right Dom. I call bullshit.

I dunno about all the other switches out there, but I am satisfied with my kink orientation. I am a masochist. I am a sadist. I am a Dom/Top. I am a bottom and even a sub on rare occasions. I am more than that but you get my point.



I can go from flogging, spanking, pouring hot candle wax on sensitive spots, ass fucking and humiliating a bottom to wanting to be beat on, hand at my throat, being fucked roughly and then pissed on (mmm, gimmie!) in the same day. I am on both ends of the spectrum and right in the middle. I am a switch and I am awesome because of it.

I figured out how I decide what I am when it comes to play. I size people up. If the person that I’m wanting to play with doesn’t intrigue me, make the first move or make me blush, I *so* want to top them. This doesn’t mean if you read this you can come top me if you grab me by the hair and start in on me. That would be bad…unless I know you. This just means I have probably made my decision within the first couple minutes of meeting you which side I plan on and hope to be playing for.

Here is the only catch: I will not tell you I want to bottom to you. You have to push my buttons and figure it out. If I have to tell you I want to bottom to you then it is a good chance I will never sub to you and I’ll only bottom to you on rare occasions. I need my top/Dom to be able to read me from the beginning. I have no problem speaking my mind or sharing what I need, but that first meeting is a dance. That first meeting involves a kinky tango of thoughts and desires swimming around in my head to see who is the leader.

Interesting but true.

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