At His Feet

He stood over me. Above me. I was on my knees, eyes downcast, my naked body before him. He said nothing, but petted my hair and face gently. I melted at his touch. I spoke boldly, “May I kiss your shoes, Sir?” his voice deep but quiet, “You may.”

I leaned forward, ass up and began kissing his shoes. The leather was strangely warm, welcoming and I kissed every exposed part of the surface. I sat back on my haunches. My body flushed with excitement and happiness. The fear of being so vulnerable for someone was present yet not consuming, nor preventing me from feeling like I had found my rightful place…at his feet.

He pulled his cock from the fly of his trousers and I immediately took him into my mouth. I was eager, too eager, as I found myself gagging as he hit the back of my throat. He said nothing but stroked my face lightly as if to say, “It’s okay, we have all the time in the world.” I slowed down and looked up at him as I sucked his cock. His eyes, they were amazing, hypnotizing even, as he looked down at me servicing him.

I wanted nothing more than to satisfy every need he had or hadn’t even considered. This feeling was so very new to me but it felt right again as he pulled my head further down onto his cock. I gagged again but stupidly blurted out, “I won’t puke on you.” I regained my composure and returned to pleasing him with my mouth. No, it was with *his* mouth by now. My head and heart were in his hands right then and there, he owned every molecule of my being. I existed, but he controlled me.

He pulled my face from his cock and put it back in his pants. I whimpered on the inside for the selfish part of me that wanted more, but this wasn’t about me. He gently stood me up and led me to the bed.

“Bend over,” he commanded. I obeyed. The comforter was soft against my cheek and chest. My nipples hardened in anticipation. I felt him behind me but only in presence, he hadn’t touched me yet.

His soft fingertips brushed against my ass softly and I shivered. A hard swat landed on my right butt cheek making me squeal. A second swat landed on the other cheek and I felt the heat from the outline of his hand radiating on my bottom. He continued alternating cheeks with hard swats. It wasn’t about my enjoying it, it was my taking pain for him. That was clear to me though not another word had been said for minutes.

His fingers checked for my wetness and revealed that I liked taking pain for him and from him. He was inside me before I knew what happened. He filled me. His cock was hot and hard and fit me like a puzzle piece. He fucked me hard and pulled out of my pussy and moved his cock to my ass. I whimpered in protest. He answered by pushing harder. I squirmed and tried to move away but he held me firmly and pushed more. My ass tried to clench but his cock began to invade my ass anyways. I cried out with pain and frustration and his cock throbbed as it slid further into my ass. I cringed in pain as the final bit of his shaft slid into my ass. He didn’t give me time to adjust as he began fucking my ass roughly.

“Please…” I whimpered.

Saying nothing, he reached around and began rubbing my clit as he fucked my ass harder. My whimpers turned to moans under his skilled hands.

“Are you going to cum for me, my slave?”

I quivered at his voice, “If that’s what you want, Master.”

“Cum for me, slave.” That was all it took. My body shuddered and quaked with a mind shattering orgasm. It was so intense that it hurt though I felt no pain from him still fucking my ass. I felt his cock swell, his hot cum filling my ass, coating my insides. He claimed me. My ass was no longer my own…he owned my ass.

His body pressed onto mine as he pulled out of me. I was ravaged, sore, used and I had never felt more content. His clothes rubbed against my sensitive flesh and I felt the goosebumps rise to my skins surface. He stood up and I listened to his shoes as he left the room. I didn’t move…he hadn’t told me to. He returned with a warm washcloth and cleaned me up.

“Stand up and face me.”

I obeyed him, my head in a haze. He wiped my entire body down with a gentle touch.

He tossed the washcloth aside. “On your knees,” his voice commanded. I dropped to my knees and looked up at him. He unbuttoned his shirt and removed his undershirt. “Arms up.” I obeyed as he slid the shirt over my arms and head. It smelled of him and I smiled as it enveloped me.

“Stand.” I stood on wobbly knees before him. “Thank you, Sir. May I dress you?” He nodded. I buttoned his shirt from the top to the bottom. A smile spread across his face as he cooed, “You are my good girl.” I pushed against his chest and his big arms wrapped around my small frame. I was safe with him.

“Thank you, Sir.” I murmured into his chest.

“For what, young lady?”

“For allowing this. For taking what you want. For giving me pleasure and letting me take pain for you. For being you and for loving me.”

He hugged tighter and I hugged back, inhaling his scent. Content and right where I belonged.

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