Mmm Mesh Catsuit!

I had a chance to meet with the folks of @WinterFetish (@nastrus and @TonyaWinter) a while back and I was excited to be able to get a chance to review one of their mesh catsuits.

Normally, catsuits aren’t the easiest thing for me to have fit like a glove with 34-26-36 measurements at 5’2″. With my measurements, most places require a larger size than my short body needs and it will also tend to have some excess material in other places so it rarely will fit like I want. Winter Fetish made sure to get my measurements and height and make sure that they had the right catsuit to fit my body and I was not disappointed when I slipped into it for the first time.

The Winter Fetish mesh catsuit has a delightful feeling against my skin. Its not like a fishnet sort of feel as much as it is like slipping on a sexy stocking for my whole body. The see through aspect of the mesh makes it sexy to be able to see so much, yet it hides enough to make it comfortable to those who prefer not to be full on nekkid. The zippered back makes for easy on and off even while dressing in it alone. There is also a crotch to bum zipper for those times you want to enjoy easy access without wanting or needing to strip down. The seams, though much more prominent in color than the rest of the suit, manage to frame the wearers body in a most flattering way. It is designed for women so it flatters our form well with seams beneath the breasts and up the back of the legs connecting over the butt. The seams draw attention to delightful areas in a subtle way.

Though the length of the arms and legs were just a tad short, I still have no complaints about this wonderfully sexy mesh catsuit. I would rather have it a tiny bit shorter and fitting like a charm than ridiculously long and ill fitting. I imagine if I would have given specific measurements of my arms and legs, Winter Fetish would have made it to fit me like it was my own skin because that is the kind of quality work they offer. They will take care of you and wont steer you wrong, what more could you want from ’em?!

Check out all the excellent fetish attire Winter Fetish has to offer here!


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