The Crystal Minx part 2-Show me some tail!

I really love @CrystalDToys…not just the toys but the person. She is so wonderful and builds solid relationships with her clientele. A little while ago I got married and @CrystalDToys told me she was going to send me a new Crystal Minx tail as a wedding gift. Now *that* is a wedding present. Come on, I mean really, does it get any better than that for a kinky sex toy reviewer? I don’t think so. 

My Crystal Minx tail arrived. It took me all of 5 seconds to have the box ripped open and my new tail in hand while I stroked it whispering “my precious.” Yes, I love the Crystal Minx tails that much. This new tail also would arrive with a frosted plug of which I had not experienced. Eager girl was eager to get that new tail in place and wagging up a storm.

The tail itself is arctic marble in color/type. It is stunningly soft, amazingly gorgeous and was the perfect tail to accompany the frosted plug. The frosted plug is beautiful on its own, but combined with this tail the whole toy looks so elegant (it *is* elegant and *is* art that can be worn and that is epic win). The texture of the frosted plug isn’t like the clear plug at all when dry, but its not easy to explain it either. Its smooth and velvety when dry though it becomes clear and feels almost like the standard clear @CrystalDToys plug when lube is applied.

Needless to say, the Crystal Minx fit perfectly and painlessly as all of my toys from Crystal Delights do. The plugs from Crystal Delights are delightful for long term use which is great for this pup who likes having her tail in for 4+ hours. I never experience pain from the plug while wearing it or removing it. I really like that about Crystal Delights plugs, but if ya want it to hurt, just order a bigger sized plug (or use some tiger balm as lube) 😉

You cannot and will not go wrong ordering a toy from Crystal Delights. Its always high quality and the products are always exquisite no matter what the item itself is. So quit stalling and do yourself (or someone else) a favor and go check out Crystal Delights!


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