Crystal Delights Pleasure Paddle

I recently received a superb treat from Crystal Delights…a paddle! Yeah, yeah, I know, there are sooooo many paddles on the market, why get excited? If that crossed your mind then you definitely haven’t seen the Crystal Delights Pleasure Paddle. I got a chance to get my grubby little paws on one when I was at ANE a while ago. I was in lust. At first glance it is obvious that this paddle is a work of art. It is flawless. The colors pop and the glass is amazingly crafted and I couldn’t wait to be paddled with it.

This Crystal Delights Pleasure Paddle feels fantastic from both ends as the spanker and spankee. Its weight is evenly distributed which makes using it a breeze for all experience levels and it packs a punch. The flat surface delivers a delicious sting though the thickness of the paddle adds a little bit of thud. It doesn’t take a hard hit to deliver a serious wallop. A simple flick of the wrist is effective for delivering a stinging swat. After about 10 minutes of being paddled, my bum was a solid dark pink color and I was shifting from foot to foot yet I wanted more. Yeah, I really love this paddle.

An additional bonus of the Crystal Delights paddle is that it is relatively small (11.9 inches long) which makes its use versatile. The paddle can be used while over a knee or lap and it makes the paddling feel extra intimate unlike some larger paddles that require more room to wield.

As an experienced spanko, I can really say that the Crystal Delights Pleasure Paddle is a great toy to own and enjoy. There is never anything disappointing about Crystal Delights toys and this paddle is further proof of that. If you have a spanko, bratty bottom, masochist or sadistic top in your life, be sure to point them to the Crystal Delights Pleasure Paddle for an effective, well made, high quality, beautiful and easy to transport paddle.



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