La petite mort-A M/s story

His hands slid over my body. He traced his fingers from my cheek, down the side of my neck, over my breasts, down my stomach and teased my inner thighs. I shut my legs, trapping his hand. He gave me a look and I opened my legs and released his hand. He scooted closer and spooned me and every touch from him awoke my mind and body.

He whispered into my ear, “You were made for this moment. Everything has led up to this.” His breath was warm, but his body warmer as the heat between us grew. “Yes, Master,” I panted. I arched my back, grinding my ass into his hard cock. I wanted him. I needed him inside me. His cock slid between my legs, sliding effortlessly against my excessive wetness. His cock teased my swollen lips. I tried to work him in without using my hands and every time I got close, he would pull his hips back and away. I understood. This was Master’s to take, not mine to give. I squirmed impatiently and whimpers escaped past my lips.

He was inside of me in one thrust. I moaned and it turned into a guttural growl. One hand moved up my spine and he soon had a fistful of my hair. In a split second, he pulled out of my pussy and positioned himself at my ass. His other hand went to my throat. He began to squeeze my neck as his cock pushed into my ass. He filled my ass with his cock and growled only one word, “Mine.” He squeezed my neck harder as his grip in my hair began to pull my head back. He fucked my ass with vigor. He used his hands on my throat and fist of my hair to keep pulling me back down onto his cock, impaling me to the hilt with each thrust. He was claiming me as his.

My vision was flecked with bright lights as an orgasm approached. “Please, Master…” I murmured. I heard his voice rumble in his throat as he responded, “Mhmm.” I tried again, “Please, Master. May I cum?” He didn’t say anything but fucked me harder. I was on the verge of losing it and cumming without permission, but I didn’t want to disappoint him. I swear he must have been in my head as he said, “cum for me now.” My body exploded like a switch had been flipped. Lights, colors and sensations pulsed inside of me. I felt his orgasm begin to flood into me and it extended my orgasm. Each time his cock twitched, my ass responded by milking him. He emptied himself into my ass and my orgasm finally subsided. It was a painfully powerful orgasm that left me weak. Tears formed in my eyes as my body had given every single ounce it had in that orgasm. I shuddered with aftershocks as a tear rolled down my face. He released my throat and hair, but remained inside my ass. I reached for his hand and I covered it with gentle kisses while repeating, “Thank you, Master.”

He held me close and his touch turned soft and tender. He asked, “Are you comfortable?” I grinned, “You were just choking me, pulling my hair while fucking me in the ass, making me orgasm so hard I think I may have died for a moment…of course I am comfortable with you.” He nuzzled into my neck and tucked his knees behind mine. He pulled me in tighter, “You are mine. I have to make sure you are taken care of.” I smirked, “Yes, Master, I am very comfortable. Thank you.”

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