Worth the wait

“I’m ready to own you” he said.

I paused not sure if I heard him right, “Huh?” I so elegantly asked.

He put his arm over me, “I’m ready to own you.” I grabbed him tightly and tears streamed down my face.

“These are happy tears,” I stated. “I never thought I’d have this again with someone.”

I was telling my partner/owner why I hadnt been owned but once in my life (until now) and the following statement sums up much of me:

“I’d rather semi-patiently wait for what I really want, than just settle for what I can have right now.”

I don’t jump into much without thinking it through to an extent. I may over think things at times, but it is never excessive. I mean, I may think things 20 steps ahead but its generally to try to figure out if my actions will hurt someone. If I see no harm, I proceed. If I see potential harm, I proceed with caution. If I see immediate harm to someone or myself, I do not get involved. So yes, I think about things, but my thinking doesn’t stop things from happening unless it shouldn’t happen to start with. I think that is (or should be) common sense.

This thought process goes with the way I am in relationships as well as with myself. I am loving, courteous, thoughtful and caring. I never want my actions to hurt anyone else. I understand I can’t always prevent pain from happening to my partners, but I can minimize the pain my actions cause partners. Something I have realized lately: most people aren’t like me. I have been told I am “very strange” and that I am in the “1%” of women who are “like guys mentally, but better,” meaning, I likes me some sex and relationships, but I wont screw people over to get it. I would really rather wait for what I want in life/relationships than just settle because I can have it right now even if its not what *really* I want.

So yes, I have really wanted to be in a D/s relationship, I wanted to be collared and I wanted to be owned but I wasn’t going to rush into it blind if I knew it wasn’t going to work for me and everyone else involved. So I waited. And waited. And waited some more. Finally, the wait ended. I met my match. I met the person who can be all of those things, who wont cause harm, who loves and adores me, who wants to make sure things are right by the husband and I, who wants to own me, who takes care of me in every way he can, who accepts me and who loves me for me and doesn’t want me to change a thing about myself. I am an equal to him, therefore, I can be submissive to him. I never thought it would happen, but I finally have met my Master.  Its like meeting me but the (actual) male version…its so intense the world may implode (sorry ahead of time if it does).

While I understand we only live once, some things are worth waiting (semi) patiently for.

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