Make me

I am a Spanko. Yeah, I know that this isn’t news, but at times I can be very particular about the spankings I want and crave. I am going to cover one of those types which I call the “make me” spanking.

Make me aware of what I am to be spanked for. Scold me. It will utterly humiliate me. I want it no matter how much I pretend I don’t. Make me look at you. Make me respond with “Yes sir.” If I respond “yes” call me on it with a “yes what.” Make sure every word or movement I do is only with your permission and it *will* be worse if I choose not to obey. It doesn’t mean I will obey. I will test the waters and see what I can get away with and if you will actually will back your words up with actions. I may back sass or get snarky. Wash my mouth out with soap, give me the “the look” or pull a cane out. It isn’t me being disrespectful, it’s me finding boundaries if there are more to find. If there is wiggle room, I will find it and I will take advantage of it. Chances are I will be disappointed that there is wiggle room if it does exist, but I have to find this all out by trial and error. Make me see there isn’t a way out.

Haul me over your lap. Make sure I know that I am not in charge. Make me understand that your word is the law. Make sure that I know how much I beg, plead, cry or try to talk my way out of my upcoming punishment that I will not escape. Make me understand that I am in deep shit and your punishment is my only way for redemption.

Spank me. Pull my pants down roughly. Don’t make me do it, that gives me power to delay…and I will. Spank me harder. I will kick and squirm and try to block my bottom with my hands. You can tell me to stop, but I won’t. Grab me harder. Pin my wrist to the small of my back and make me stay in place. Remind me how vulnerable I am, how much I trust you and how you will bend me to your will even if I kick and scream. Make me realize that this isn’t up to me. You will stop when you think I have had enough.

Make me surrender. Make me cry. Make me know that I am yours to discipline as needed. Make me understand that you won’t be all talk. Make me grateful to have you as a disciplinarian. Make me see that I can cry with you, that you are safety to me.

Make me think about my actions while I recover. Hold me accountable. Make me understand that I am forgiven and that I shouldn’t need to be disciplined for such an offense ever again and if I am, it will be much worse.¬†Hold me and let me snuggle into your chest. Let me cry my worries away in the safety of your arms. Let me thank you for giving me a “make me” spanking.

Please, make me…

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