Thank you, Master

We fit together like a puzzle piece. His hand on my throat like a snug collar. Our eyes lock. His voice penetrates my soul and I can’t focus on anything but him.

Thank you, Master.

His words touch my soul, pulse in my heart, race through my mind and settle in my pussy. I was made for him. Every piece of me was meant for him. To serve him. To be his.

Thank you, Master.

We move as one though we grind against one another. I open up and accept him in every way. He uses all three holes and I am sated yet I want more. He belongs in me and I belong to him.

Thank you, Master.

He fills me…my heart, mind, soul and all of me. I am his pet, his submissive, his girl, his slave and his equal. I. Am. His. I want nothing else than to be wherever I am when I am with him. I exist to serve him. All is right in the world when we are together. I am complete.

Thank you, Master.

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2 Responses to Thank you, Master

  1. Oso Gordo says:

    So beautiful. your service is such a special gift

  2. Quai says:

    What beautiful words! The level of your submission and devotion is clear in this. He’s a lucky man.


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