2012 AVN Award Winner Crystal Delights Crystal Minx tail

Many people are just becoming aware of the wonderful world of the Crystal Delights toys due to the Crystal Minx winning “Best fetish product” at the 2012 AVN awards. I was way ahead of the curve. I have been a Crystal Delights supporter for at least two years now and maybe that’s why the Crystal Minx is named after yours truly 😉 But in all seriousness, I am all about sharing what high quality sex toys are worth investing in and Crystal Delights will never be a disappointment in that arena.

Recently, Crystal Delights has been scheming to create a new version of the Crystal Minx. If you are wondering how that is possible, allow me to explain: The standard Crystal Delights plug can now have a metal hoop within the glass plug itself and this means one can order a tail with a clasp that connects to the hoop. This makes for a very fun toy. Yes, it’s the “standard” tail toy, but now it’s multifunctional. Imagine being out and about wearing a butt plug that converts to a tail or perhaps changing the color of your tail to fit your mood. I have 5 furry tails and each one fits a different personality of my pup and lupine sides. So imagine how nice it would be to have 5 tails and one plug…did you imagine it? I did and I’m thrilled to have the 5 plug and tail combos that I do but I am also stoked to have the option to order a new tail without needing a new plug. This is part of the reason Crystal Delights is so amazing…she thinks of everything 🙂

If you haven’t read my full review of my first Crystal Delights Crystal Minx, be sure to check it out here. I wrote an additional post on the Care and cleaning of the Crystal Delights Crystal Minx as well as a third piece called “The Crystal Minx part 2-Show me some tail!” I cover everything I possibly can (and then some) about the wonderful tails that Crystal Delights makes.

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