Toyfriend’s Rebel

I was lucky enough to get to choose from the original line of Toyfriend to review a toy. After mulling them over I chose the Toyfriend Rebel. I have had experience with an external oriented Power Toyfriend called Coney (which I reviewed here) but I was definitely up to test an internal oriented toy. Who am I to turn down a body safe silicone toy that feels velvety to the touch and wants to rock my world?

I looked at the shape of the Rebel online at and I was intrigued. I saw it was a G-spot toy and so I decided to choose it and take it for a ride. I didn’t check the specs, but the shape was enough to intrigue me. Once I had the Rebel in hand, I realized how small it was. I am not an epic size queen by any means, but the thin/small stature of the Rebel made me wonder how much of an effect it could have. The body/base of the Rebel is a little bigger than the width of my finger and the head is close to about two fingers in width. Don’t let the smaller size deter you…good things can (and do) come in small packages.

The vibration of the Rebel is strong enough to make me aware that my G-spot is being “massaged” but not strong enough to make me go numb. Its pretty much a happy medium when it comes to power of a g-spot vibe. That said, the vibration wasn’t enough to send me over the top and into orgasmic bliss, but the pressure of the ergonomically shaped head on my g-spot made sure to get the job done which is always something I appreciate when it comes to toy reviews or toys I purchase.

The Toyfriend Rebel isn’t a vibe that I can use solo to get off, but I am not the most orgasmic girl on the planet so keep that in mind while reading this. For me, the Rebel is a vibe that accompanies anal sex with internal vaginal/g-spot and external clitoral stimulation in a most wonderful way and that is really my preferred way of using a vibe while “otherwise occupied” by a partner. And yes, knowing how anally inclined I am, I did shove it in my butt. I will say that it felt better in my butt than in my pussy, but I may be a bit biased since I love sticking toys in my butt. I just tend to refer to that as “very detailed toy reviews” since I try to cover all angles and possibilities, but thats just my style.

The biggest complaint (and pretty much my only complaint) I have about the Toyfriend Rebel isn’t the size or performance, it is actually the battery. Unlike most vibes that take AA or AAA batteries, this little bugger takes an LR1 N, 1.5V Battery. That isn’t the easiest battery to find in my neck of the woods. All this means is its easier to find this battery online for me than it is in my local store and if the toy is worth it (it is) then I am willing to invest the extra time to finding the battery online.

Be sure to check out the Toyfriend website for some high quality silicone toys for a wide array of internal and external stimulating toys!

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