His finger teased my cunt as we were driving on the highway. We were going 65 but his finger was moving in slow motion. I gyrated my hips to try to move his finger inside of me. He knew my tricks as he firmly kept his finger at my wet and eager opening. I whimpered.

He sweetly imitated my whimper as he dipped his finger in me to the first knuckle. His finger drifted away from my pussy and found my clit. I twitched and squirmed under his skilled movements. I grabbed his hand and tried to force his finger inside of me. He smirked at me as I realized I didn’t even get close. He will finger fuck me when he wants. I moaned as a finger finally slipped into me. He firmly grabbed my g-spot with only one finger inside of me. I couldn’t move. I wanted more but I was paralyzed in fear that he may yank his finger away in a second.  He twitched his finger about half of a degree and I clutched his arm.

“Master…” I murmured, “please.”

“I like burying my finger in your cunt. I love how wet you get. I feel every muscle. I feel everything.”

I blushed, ” I don’t get this wet for anyone but you.” He knows I am telling the truth.

“You know what I like?” This is a rhetorical question and I know it.  He continued, “You sucking my cock on the freeway.” He freed his cock from his trousers and my mouth zeroed in on him.

His fingers never left my cunt as I sucked his cock. I hadn’t the slightest idea where we were going and I didn’t care. I knew we stopped somewhere so I shifted to put my knees on the seat to be able to suck him deeper. His fingers wandered away from my cunt. I was about to whimper but I felt his finger at my asshole. He pushed inside of my ass and I moaned with a mouthful of cock…just as he wanted I’m sure.

I heard an occasional, “good girl” and “catch your breath” before he forced my face down on his cock until I gagged. My uncontrollable tears fell on his cock while I gagged as he filled my throat. I am fueled by the taste of my tears on him. I forced myself even harder on his cock. He moaned happily. I felt him begin to approach orgasm but he still gave me a warning of “I’m about to come.”

I wrapped my lips around him and forced him into my throat. His cock twitched as he pumped out every last bit into my eager mouth. I whimpered when I realized I couldn’t taste him as he came down my throat so I pulled back to get the last few spurts into my mouth. I swallowed all of him. I sucked him clean as he sat in silent ecstasy. I was glad to have done well yet sad it was over. I wanted more. I am insatiable for him.

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