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I know lots of people that love to give blowjobs and sadly one of the most common “complaints” from the giver is the taste of the semen. Guys, this isn’t something to take personal (which some guys do), but diet really effects how a man tastes and if he isn’t able and/or willing to change his diet and you aren’t willing to give up cock sucking altogether then Masque may be the key to your fellatio related happiness.

Yes, there are flavored condoms and flavored lubes, but Masque is different. Masque is a strip that dissolves on the tongue and can last for up to 15 minutes with your chosen flavor. Despite the name, Masque doesn’t actually overwhelm the palate and entirely mask the natural flavor of the man’s ejaculate. Masque strips can be the dominant taste or it can just accompany the natural flavor depending on which Masque strip is used.

Below I cover my experience with each Masque strip in the order that I tested them out.

Watermelon: the Masque watermelon strip was a nice and subtle introduction to the Masque line. All of the Masque strips have a slight underlying minty flavor which gives a nice tingly effect (which helps subdue the gag reflex a tad), but it is admittedly a bit strange combined with watermelon at first. Once that brief moment of surprise passed, I gave my man a kiss so he could taste and smell the freshly dissolved strip and then moved my way south to put the Masque strip to the real test. The watermelon strip was the second strongest in flavor and it didn’t cover the taste of my partner as much as accompany it which I appreciated.

Mango: The Masque mango was my favorite. I doubt my test subject could pick which one his favorite was, but I may have added a little more gusto to my cock sucking since I really enjoyed the mango. The Masque mango has the softest taste to it…if that makes any sense. This was the least powerful of flavors so it was my favorite. I love the taste of my Master so the mango was a lovely side note to him as opposed to masking his flavor altogether.

Strawberry: The strawberry Masque strip and I got off on the wrong foot. I left my strawberry strip in my backpack, in my car overnight which means it got cold and possibly a bit damp. Though each strip is individually packaged, when I opened the strawberry Masque and put it on my tongue, it decided not to dissolve. I had to chew it and the texture reminded me of Fruit Roll-ups though the flavor was minty strawberry. It was my least favorite flavor in combination with my partner and least favorite on its own, but it wasn’t terrible by any means.

Chocolate: I have a sweet tooth so I decided to save the chocolate Masque for last…almost as a dessert course. The chocolate minty combination was a lovely start, but it morphed into a less favorable flavor for me in about two minutes. It almost took on a chalk like texture which made the flavor a little more dry. With that said, I still was rewarded with a mouthful of “job well done” and it wasn’t a terrible combination (probably my third favorite) with my partners natural flavor.

So what I can say about the Masque strips is that I loved one (mango, also the weakest flavor), liked one (watermelon, second strongest) and was rather indifferent with two (strawberry and chocolate which were the strongest flavors), *BUT* what it boils down to is that I gave four blowjobs to my partner (for scientific reasons of course ;)) and he was quite happy with my experimentation. If the flavor of man isn’t your ideal, this may not solve your problems but you can at least give them a go to see if they can entice you to give blowjobs more often. If you aren’t inclined, this won’t help either party much, but if you love to swallow up every drop, it’s never a bad thing to add a little flavor here and there.

If you are interested in checking out the whole site and all the fun that they can potentially bring into the bedroom, check out their site here. If you have more immediate questions or want chat the fine Masque folks up within 140 characters, follow them on twitter at @YourMasque.


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